Energy Bagua · Energy for Life

Rapidly boost vitality and life energy. An easy-to-learn meditation practice that helps preserve health and is suitable for people of all ages.

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Energy Bagua · Energy for Life

Energy Bagua is one of Grandmaster JinBodhi’s many easy-to-learn and effective meditation methods, particularly suitable for the health and wellness needs of fast-paced modern lifestyles. Walk Energy Bagua to rapidly replenish vital life energy and improve overall health and wellness.

Energy Bagua is the culmination of Grandmaster JinBodhi’s decades of self-cultivation practice. It combines movement with stillness and balances the yin and yang energies in the body.

Consistent Energy Bagua practice can strengthen your body, improve your mood, and help you attain a happy life; it can also help you understand the origins of the Universe, develop spiritual awareness, and live with wisdom. Tens of millions of people have improved health and vitality through practicing Energy Bagua.

Founder · Grandmaster JinBodhi

Visualize a mountain in the distance and be one with the mountain. Step on the ground and be one with the Earth. Go with the Universe; follow the Way; move with the flow of life.

— Grandmaster JinBodhi

Grandmaster and Energy Bagua

Grandmaster JinBodhi grew up in poverty, suffering the torment of sickness from a young age. To rid himself of illness, the young Grandmaster JinBodhi continuously searched for ways to gain health until he met Grandmaster Ren. He began to learn Energy Bagua and walked into the world of cultivation. Through the practice of Energy Bagua, the young Grandmaster JinBodhi was freed from illness and pain, gained purity of body and mind, and walked the path of true cultivation. Grandmaster JinBodhi was the first person to benefit from Energy Bagua.

In order for more people to gain health, Grandmaster JinBodhi integrated the essence of his many years of intensive cultivation into Energy Bagua, which he passes on to those in need. So far, thousands of people worldwide have benefited from practicing Energy Bagua.

Lin Xue Rong · Malaysia

Nine months into walking Energy Bagua, I was no longer plagued by swelling in my legs or shortness of breath. My blood pressure also dropped. My hair returned to being thick and black, and even my husband thought I had dyed my hair.

Karen · Vancouver

Decreased knee joint pain, disappearance of wrinkles, brighter complexion, and complimented by her daughter she became prettier. Through practicing Energy Bagua, Karen’s happiness jumped from 4 to 9.5.

Kim Hyeon Tae · South Korea

After a month of the walking meditation, the pain in my shoulders and lower back was greatly alleviated. My sleep quality improved and I hardly woke up from pain attacks. With my new infusion of energy and improved concentration, my wish to obtain a full scholarship came true.

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Energy Bagua is an easy-to-learn exercise that helps people harmoniously coexist with Nature and the Universe to obtain unlimited energy. Since its introduction, Energy Bagua has spread worldwide, across communities of diverse spiritual belief, in more than 50 countries and regions around the world. Energy Bagua Wellness Centers have been established in numerous countries, and annual “Thousand-People Energy Bagua Events” are held in Canada, the United States, Malaysia, Korea, and many other places. Thanks to Energy Bagua, countless people have stepped into vibrant health and wellbeing, leaving physical and mental suffering behind.

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