The movements of Energy Bagua seem easy to learn and simple to practice. So why can this method yield significant wellness and self-defense benefits when the movements are so simple? Is there any secret behind these simple actions? Can beginners copy the movements without knowing anything and still benefit from the practice? What is the most important thing to do in order to experience health and longevity through walking Energy Bagua? Find out in this teaching from Grandmaster JinBodhi.


First-timers always wonder if Energy Bagua is difficult to learn. It is very easy, like breathing. That is how it is. When I was a kid, I found it so boring. There was only one move. The other kids had way more movements, and I was learning only one move. It was too easy. But just this one move helped so many recover.

Many Chinese people have learned martial arts. Think about this. If they have been practicing for, say, over 10 years, how long do you think they can hold their arms like this? Like this, keeping it straight. If they could hold it for 30 minutes, that is good; that is what martial arts masters can do.

Now, back to Energy Bagua. On and off, our practitioners are holding it for at least an hour. We are accumulating energy slowly. It is an easy move, but there are some formulas to memorize. You won’t get anywhere without them. You think you have learned it, but it is wrong. So you must learn from a teacher. We need to do exactly as the formulas say.

Most importantly, we need to persist every day. My master, Grandmaster Ren, always emphasized building a 100-day foundation. Does that mean we practice 24 hours a day for 100 days? No. Just an hour a day. That is enough. If you want to live healthier and longer, then do it for 2 hours a day. If you want to be a martial arts master, then do it for 3 hours a day. That is about it.

To be a martial arts master, you need to practice for 3 hours daily, for at least 8 years. To live healthier and longer, 2 hours a day is enough. I advise you to practice every day. To live a long life, you need to practice every day. Some say they have a busy schedule, and so practicing every day is hard for them. But you know, illnesses and ailments hit us without warning.

I have had guys tell me the same thing; before, their annual health checkups were fine; nothing was wrong. They had normal blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Nothing happened between last year and this year. But after this year’s health exam, the doctor said he had cancer. Cancer is sometimes like a spy, in that it acts silently. It strikes when you are not paying attention.

Your test results from last year may reveal nothing, but when you are diagnosed with cancer, it is usually late-stage. You can die immediately when illnesses hit. Or, it is OK for you to be a bit ill, but practice Energy Bagua every day. The choice is yours. I bet everyone wants to live longer. Practicing can be tiring, but it keeps you alive. Agree? So, practice diligently. Thank you.