Liang Yueru | Singapore

My name is Liang Yueru. I am currently 65. I’ve struggled with insomnia for 20 years due to my stressful bank job. Over time, it became increasingly hard for me to sleep. I could only sleep for 2-3 hours per day. There were times when I couldn’t sleep at all throughout the night. The lack of sleep caused me to underperform at work. I became irritable, and it ruined my relationships with my boss and colleagues. I dreaded every night, waking up after lying down, and had to take sleeping pills. From one pill to five, nothing helped me sleep.

I’ve also had constipation for over 20 years. I only had bowel movements once every 3-4 days and my stomach often felt bloated, making my clothes fit poorly. Despite visiting doctors and taking laxatives, nothing improved. 

I’ve also been tormented by sinusitis for over 10 years. I sneezed and had a runny nose every morning for about an hour. My sense of taste was affected, and I often experienced a bitter taste in my mouth. The odd smell in my nose made me miserable and I didn’t want to talk to people, so I kept away from them and did not attend gatherings.

I was introduced to Bodhi Meditation through a magazine and started to learn Energy Bagua. The very first night after practicing Energy Bagua, I was able to sleep. From that day, my sleeping hours gradually increased. After two months of practicing Energy Bagua, I could sleep through the night and get six hours of sleep. I felt energetic and clear-headed, and my work efficiency improved. My colleagues commented that my skin looked better, my face was glowing, and I became prettier.

After two months of practicing the Energy Bagua, I bid farewell to the constipation that had troubled me for over 20 years and lost 7 kilograms. I went back to wearing size S clothes. Three months after practicing the Energy Bagua, I woke up one morning without a runny nose and without sneezing. My sense of smell and taste improved, returning to their previous state. Now my appetite is good, and the strange smell in my nose has disappeared. I can confidently chat with people.

Practicing Energy Bagua has truly changed my life, making me better and happier. I am deeply grateful to Grandmaster JinBodhi for teaching these methods.

(Note: Results of practicing Energy Bagua vary person to person.)