Energy Bagua is gaining popularity around the world. It’s becoming common to see people of all ages circling trees.

Can a senior woman practice Energy Bagua if she has a hunchback and needs to use a cane?

Let’s listen to Grandmaster JinBodhi’s teaching to find out more.


“My sister-in-law is 65. Her back is curved and walks with a cane. Can she try Energy Bagua?”

She can, of course. We have had people in wheelchairs practice with us. Some needed help to reach us. They all had a difficult start; some needed a little help, using a chair or a cane as support. I saw someone in Malaysia circling in a wheelchair. I heard that most of them could walk by themselves after practicing for a while. It could be difficult at the beginning, but they adapted to it. Your hunchbacked sister-in-law should go for it.