Xiong Xunyun | Chiayi, Taiwan

Hello, everyone, my name is Xiong Xunyu. I’m from Chiayi, Taiwan, and I’m 38 years old. Back in 2014, my menstrual flow was irregular and decreasing. Even with medication, my menstrual period hardly occurred. Gradually, my periods stopped. I had many medical checkups: ultrasound, blood tests, checking on the endocrine system and hormones; everything was normal. Both TCM and Western medicine failed to help.

This subsequently led to a series of physical and psychological health issues. I was constantly hungry. I could have breakfast from 7 or 8 different places. I could have a lot of egg pancakes, hamburgers, milk tea, chicken nuggets, etc. I couldn’t stop eating, even when I felt full. Within just 3 or 4 months, I had gone from 50 kg to 70 kg. My mother was shocked when she visited me, wondering how I’d changed so much. I was obese from being sick. My self-confidence hit rock bottom; feeling unattractive, I was reluctant to dress up.

Back in 2016, my aunt and uncle were practicing Bodhi Meditation. After they heard about my menstrual issues, they introduced me to Bodhi Meditation. I started practicing Energy Bagua. A month later, my food intake decreased. Originally, I ate 7 or 8 portions for breakfast, but then I reduced it to 3 or 4. 6 months later, my menstrual period resumed. My mother was extremely surprised: “Your period resumed in just 6 months!?” I also lost 10 kg. After a year, I only needed a single portion for breakfast.

Seeing the changes in me, my parents wondered just how miraculous Bodhi Meditation is. Within just one year, I lost 20 kg and reached 50 kg. My dad originally had a liver index of over 100. After he started attending the retreats, his liver index went from over 100 to normal. He found it miraculous. My mother had degenerative arthritis in her feet; the doctor suggested surgery. Through practicing Energy Bagua, she no longer had pain and avoided the surgery. My whole family has benefited from Bodhi Meditation and Grandmaster JinBodhi.

Slowly, I’ve regained my confidence. I’ve become happier and more energetic. Everyone sees my transformation; from initially finding no cure, to recovering my overall health through Bodhi Meditation. It has also benefited my parents. I am very grateful to Grandmaster JinBodhi.

(Note: Results of practicing Energy Bagua vary person to person.)