Grandmaster JinBodhi

Grandmaster JinBodhi

Learning Energy Bagua

Grandmaster JinBodhi was weak and sick as a child. After moving to Qinghai with his parents, his health condition deteriorated, and he was constantly sick. His parents searched everywhere for a remedy, trying many “secret formula” ointments and herbal medicine soups, none of which were effective. When he was a teenager, he met Grandmaster Ren and learned Energy Bagua from him.

Energy Bagua is not a form of martial arts, but an exercise to maintain health. Through diligent practice, Grandmaster JinBodhi slowly obtained more energy and drastically improved his health.

At that time, in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, winters often reached below minus 15 degrees Celsius (3 degrees Fahrenheit). When Grandmaster JinBodhi practiced Energy Bagua in winter, he wore a thin piece of clothing but felt very hot, his whole body filled with energy. Through long-term practice, his health was restored and he learned the essence of Energy Bagua: the balance of yin and yang, the flow of energy, and a deeper understanding of life and the world. Grandmaster JinBodhi improved his physical and spiritual energy by practicing Energy Bagua. He was the first to benefit from Energy Bagua.

Understanding the State of Energy Bagua

金菩提宗師教授八卦內功陰陽掌 Grandmaster JinBodhi Energy Bagua
Grandmaster JinBodhi said that after practicing Energy Bagua for just one year, his fitness level was already better than that of children his age. After two years of practice, he became very sharp. Even those who practiced kung fu were no match for him when sparring. He could fight three people and beat them all. Grandmaster JinBodhi said that he seemed to have eyes in the back of his head as he could sense their movements behind him. With astonishingly quick reaction time and his intuition, he always won the sparring matches.

During his years of continual practice, Grandmaster JinBodhi also developed a deeper understanding of the philosophy of Energy Bagua. Yin and yang are an important concept in Bagua philosophy and contain the laws of everything in the Universe. Everything in the world contains the energy of yin and yang, life and death, good and bad. Yin and yang’s rise and fall are the driving forces in growing, changing, and the cycling of everything in Nature. Some people use this concept in kung fu to attack others and defend themselves. However, Energy Bagua uses this concept to maintain health, prolong life and self-cultivate. So ostensibly, Energy Bagua is similar to other kinds of kung fu, but its internal motif is very different. The practice of Energy Bagua has roots in compassion; with a heart full of love and peace, practitioners practice Energy Bagua for their health and longevity, loving everything in the world and melting into Heaven and Nature.

Tao permeates Energy Bagua, the Tao of yin and yang, of energy, of life, of compassion, etc. Your mind during practice is natural and relaxed, feeling soft and malleable, yet is full of energy. During the practice, you receive the energy of Heaven and Earth, absorb their essence, and finally achieve a state of harmony between human and Nature.

Teaching Energy Bagua

In terms of health, Grandmaster JinBodhi said that Energy Bagua was not created for any particular ailment. Its effect on the human body is holistic, comprehensive and balanced. It can quickly replenish energy in those body parts that lack energy, balance and adjust areas with unbalanced energy, and unblock energy blockages. Therefore, the health effect of Energy Bagua covers the entire body, including internal organs, meridians, blood vessels, bones, joints, nerves, muscles, skin, and even spirit and emotions. It can also improve concentration, intuition and responsiveness. Wisdom, self-confidence and creativity also increase.

Not hidden deep in the mountains, nor secluded in valleys: Ever since Energy Bagua was first taught in Vancouver, Canada in 2006, it rapidly spread around the world. Beneficiaries span the globe, from plazas in New York to conference centers in Silicon Valley, and from many parks in Malaysia, South Korea, Singapore, and Taiwan to libraries in Vancouver, where you can often see Energy Bagua fans circling a tree.

The natural process of menopause is characterized by the cessation of menstruation. However, the early stoppage of the menstrual cycle is unnatural and can be indicative of serious health problems. In this story, a woman struggled with abnormal menstrual cycles in her 30s, with her periods eventually being totally absent. Medical tests failed to identify the cause, and both TCM and Western medicine failed to improve her condition. Her physical and mental health deteriorated. Sher struggled with binge eating; for breakfast, she ate enough for seven or eight people, leading to a weight gain of 20 kilograms in three months. Enter the gift of Energy Bagua. Regular practice changed her health situation. Her food intake gradually returned to normal. Within just six months, her menstrual cycle resumed, and she dropped 10 kilograms. After a year, she had achieved a total weight loss of 20 kilograms, transforming from obese to healthy and regaining her confidence and happiness. Let’s listen to her story.
The movement and steps of Energy Bagua are simple and easy to learn. However, this practice also contains profound philosophies that help self-cultivate one’s body and mind. After Grandmaster JinBodhi introduced Energy Bagua to the public, millions benefited from it. They regained their health and healed their hearts. Many people have reported that after practicing Energy Bagua, their sleep disorders resolved, their heads were no longer dizzy, their blood pressure returned to normal, and the pain in their backs disappeared. This simple yet effective fitness method provides a fast and practical way to improve the various health issues common to stressed-out modern people, such as cold hands and feet, lack of energy, reduced memory, premature aging, and discomfort in legs and feet. More importantly, Energy Bagua guides people to be kind, compassionate and giving. With the deepening of your practice, you will gradually let go of your greed, arrogance, prejudice, and selfishness; you will learn to be humble and know how to be grateful. As a result, your heart becomes more pure, clean and comfortable, and your spirituality and mind are greatly improved. You will become more successful in your career and all aspects of life.

Ever since Energy Bagua was first taught at the Vancouver Bodhi Meditation Center in 2006, it has spread worldwide. Beneficiaries span the globe, from plazas in New York to conference centers in Silicon Valley, and from parks in Malaysia, South Korea, Singapore, and Taiwan to libraries in Vancouver, where you can often see Energy Bagua fans circling, immersed in the practice.

This book opens a direct path to health, happiness, success, and wisdom. Transcend time and space; be in harmony with Heaven, Earth and fellow human beings, and broaden your experience of life. How does everything in the Universe relate to our life and health? Can we change destiny? Grandmaster JinBodhi reveals the answers.