How powerful can our thoughts be? One thought can bring countless blessings or countless evils. The secret of self-healing is hidden in how we manage our thoughts. In this teaching, Grandmaster JinBodhi explains the concept of creating numerous worlds with just one thought, as well as how to advance into higher-level Energy Bagua. It is not just about reaching a new level of practice, but also a demonstration of our spiritual elevation. By understanding this secret and applying it to our Energy Bagua practices as well as our worldview, it helps us to not only radiate health, happiness, energy, and charisma, but also to have positive relationships with others. Applying this secret to daily life can even rectify flaws in our genes, allowing us to walk an incredible new path.


The secret of self-healing is to practice kindness, compassion, great love and tolerance. That is the best way to activate the self-healing mechanism in your body. When you have all these qualities, your mind shall be free and at ease. You have nothing but love for the world.

For example, it was freezing when I practiced Energy Bagua. But I was grateful to the weather for making me healthier and stronger. Countless thoughts of kindness and evil can arise in our minds. I once mentioned “one kindness against 3,000 evils”. It means one thought of kindness cancels out countless thoughts of evil. “3,000” is just a metaphor for immeasurable evil thoughts, such as all selfish desires, intentions to hurt, etc.

With compassion, you should love everything around you, such as your house, clothes, people, etc. When your cells are pure and untainted, that is the best way of “self-healing”. It is also a way of protecting your health. To become someone with great health, you need a heart filled with compassion. That is my self-healing formula for your sickness, especially malignant diseases.

If you are tuned in to such a state, your mind will feel at ease when you practice Energy Bagua. You will feel free, peaceful and unrestricted. You will feel that your compassion could warm the whole city or even the country. If such a thought did arise in you, I think you would have no problem achieving enlightenment. This helps you to be totally relaxed and progress quickly.

With a mental state as such, you can deal with anyone and anything smoothly. Someone told me Energy Bagua has made him more attractive. It affects his interpersonal relationships, I think. That is a basic benefit of Energy Bagua. It makes you more attractive to the people around you. This is the least benefit one can get from practicing.

Let’s talk about something more advanced today. When you are tuned in to a state of compassion and auspiciousness, you are like an invisible sun to people around you. You emit rays of compassion filled with warmth. That makes people want to be around you. As such, doing business or looking for a partner becomes easy. Why? Because everyone likes you. Your wealth, health and mental state are affected by thoughts that arise in your mind. That is why we need to change for the better.

With compassion, tolerance and joy, we will bring rays of compassion to every corner of the world like the sun. If you practice with such a mindset, you will be free from afflictions, worries and sadness. Things that sadden you get resolved easily. This mental state uproots all negativity in your genes, including illnesses. Not only are your present illnesses healed, but you also prevent possible future illnesses. The flaws in your family genes could also be repaired.

Let’s take shoulder pain as an example. What is the cause of shoulder pain? Anger and agitation. Precisely speaking, it is a blockage in one of the channels in your chest caused by anger and agitation. If you are in a good mood and you sing some religious hymns, chant, offer lights or help people joyfully, your pain will go away due to the compassion that has arisen in you.

Why do some people find that volunteering at our centers is not tiring, and it helps them get healthier? They are tuned in to a compassionate state of mind. Stealing is easy, right? Try stealing a purse. The fear of getting found out will wear your brain out. Again, pay attention to thoughts that arise in your mind. With compassion, you can create new health, new life, new wisdom, new joy and new happiness.

If you are under 50 and like what I am talking about so far, you’re gaining wisdom earlier than other people your age. You are going to begin a new chapter of your life and achieve great things. If you are over 50, do what I just said to improve your health and interpersonal relationships. With compassion, you will become a softhearted, warm person. As such, everything will go your way.

(One thought brings countless blessings. One thought brings thousands of evils. Uphold kindness and transform your life with compassion.)