Those who have learned Energy Bagua know the three components of the practice – opening, circling and closing. Can we skip the opening if we don’t have enough time? Let’s watch Grandmaster JinBodhi’s teachings to find out.


Can we skip the opening when practicing Energy Bagua? Do we still absorb energy from Nature?

Someone asked, “When practicing Energy Bagua, can we skip the opening? Can we still absorb the energy if we skip the opening?” This is a good question. I think it is okay to skip the opening. A complete session means doing everything. If you have enough time, then why skip it?

I don’t want people to skip the opening just because I said it is okay to skip it. That is wrong. Sometimes, you skip the opening, because you arrive late. Others have already started walking. You join the others without doing the opening. Under this circumstance, it is okay.

I think there is another solution. You arrive late. Even though others have already started walking, you can do the opening before joining them. This way, you will get a better result. You will absorb more energy.