Li Shufen | Chiayi, Taiwan

I’m Lin Shufen. I’m from Chiayi, Taiwan. Approximately 10 years ago, nighttime urination was a significant problem for me. It was pretty much like having insomnia. During the night, I would get up 3-4 times to use the bathroom. During the day, I need to use the bathroom almost every hour. This seriously disrupted my work routine.

Since childhood, I never sweated, and it’s been 40 years now. Whether I was exercising or it was a hot day, I just wouldn’t sweat. I couldn’t bear the cold in the winter. In Taiwan, Chiayi’s winter temperature is around 15°C. I needed to wear 4-5 layers of clothing, and even a scarf.

In high school, I liked to eat cold food during my period. As a result, every month I catch a cold during my period. I would have weak legs and back pain as well. 

Luckily, I discovered Energy Bagua. My nighttime urination and frequent urination began to improve and disappeared within 2-3 months. I no longer needed to get up 3-4 times at night. The symptoms are almost completely gone. My daytime frequent urination has also improved greatly. I can finally have a good night’s sleep. When I’m really tired, I can fall into a deep sleep within seconds of lying down. 

After 3-4 months of Energy Bagua, my menstrual cycle became regular, and my back pain was fully alleviated. My periods are very regular now, and I feel more energetic. Initially, during winters, I hardly practiced Energy Bagua. After trying it the next year, I wasn’t feeling as cold.

Before Energy Bagua, even at home, I wore layers of clothing. Now, I no longer wear as many. My mother asked, “Aren’t you cold?” I replied, “I’m not.” As I continued practicing, the next year I noticed I started sweating. I could feel my clothes dampening. I haven’t sweated in 40 years. I finally feel the joy of sweating.

Thank you Grandmaster for granting me good health. Gratitude to Grandmaster.

(Note: Results of practicing Energy Bagua vary person to person.)