The scorching summer sun makes physical activity more challenging. What do you need to do to safeguard your health?

Grandmaster JinBodhi shares his tips on keeping cool during summer time Energy Bagua.


It will boost our immune system.

Notes on Practicing Energy Bagua During the Summer

You will realize that the dog days are usually hotter. Our world is getting warmer due to climate change; everywhere is hotter. Taiwan is quite hot. Daybreak is earlier during the summer. I would say around 4:30am to 5am. At that time, the temperature is only about 25-26 degrees Celsius. It is the proper time for sports or Energy Bagua. It is fine to practice Energy Bagua at this time. You won’t get heatstroke. After 9am, the sun will be brighter if it is a sunny day. When the sun is brighter, you will get overheated and sunburned.

To avoid heatstroke, I recommend herbal tea. Steep some herbal tea with cooling properties. Bring the tea with you. Taiwan has plenty of cooling teas, right? It will cool your body so that you won’t get heatstroke. People used to boil these teas at home. Normally, plants and drinks with a bitter taste are cooling. So, bitter tea prevents heatstroke. Summer fruits are quite cooling too. Watermelon or its juice are good cooling options. So firstly, you need to prevent heatstroke. Secondly, pay attention to your diet. Most fruits harvested in summer are cooling fruits.

Thirdly, prevent sunburn. When the sun is at its brightest, the heat will give you heatstroke. Heatstroke is unpleasant. It is a real illness. To prevent sunburn, apply sunblock and wear a wide-brimmed hat. Don’t overdo it though, as I think a little sun makes you healthier. If you are exposed to the sun for too long, you will get sunburned. You are not farmers who are used to strong sunlight. So, preventing sunburn is important when practicing Energy Bagua. Practicing at daybreak or at night is safer.

After practicing for one hour in the summer, you will sweat a lot. If you are taking a shower, watch the water temperature; the water should be lukewarm or warm, not too hot. If the water is too hot, it is not good for our health. My master told me: Lukewarm or warm water is good for health. It can boost our immune system. In short, if you are practicing Energy Bagua during the summer, watch what you eat, and avoid heatstroke and sunburn.