About Energy Bagua

The Origin of Energy Bagua

Energy Bagua, a walking meditation, is an effective and easy-to-learn cultivation and exercise method taught by Grandmaster JinBodhi. It is particularly suitable for health and wellness as it can rapidly replenish vital energy.


Grandmaster JinBodhi’s childhood was one of suffering, full of illness and pain. He met his master, Grandmaster Ren, and began to learn Energy Bagua. After practicing, his body, mind and spirit soon became healthy. Grandmaster JinBodhi summarized his decades of experience in self-cultivation and taught Energy Bagua to the public, with the wish that more people regain their health.

Energy Bagua integrates motion and stillness, and focuses on the balance of yin and yang energy. By simply walking around a tree, practitioners attune to energy from Heaven and Earth, melt into Nature, and feel the relaxation of the body, mind and spirit. Energy Bagua became popular once it was introduced to the public and since then countless people have gained physical and mental benefits through practice. Countless people in more than 50 countries and regions, including Canada, the United States, Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand have practiced Energy Bagua and ended their suffering.

Practice Benefits

Learning Energy Bagua in depth can strengthen your body, improve your mood and bring you a happy life; moreover, it helps you realize the origin of Heaven and Earth, and inspires your spiritual mind to live in wisdom.

There are no age, ethnicity or gender limitations when it comes to learning and practicing Energy Bagua. If you are able to practice, you will benefit.

The human body has different energy levels. Low or negative energy is the cause of cancer, heart disease and other diseases. Sufficient positive energy can lower the incidence rate of disease. Even if you are sick, replenishing sufficient positive energy can help counterbalance negative energy. Therefore, boosting energy is significant in disease control and prevention, rehabilitation after surgery and health restoration.

Energy Bagua is an effective way to boost energy. Practicing Energy Bagua can automatically replenish, adjust and balance the body’s energy, thereby restoring health. If there is no serious leg pain, you can squat properly during practice to rapidly gather energy, which helps increase vitality and restore physical fitness more effectively.

Human health is closely related to emotion. If we compare human health to a big tree with thick branches and leaves, positive emotions are like the nutrients necessary for its growth. With a compassionate and happy heart, the body is relaxed, free and unblocked. However, in today’s society, people often suffer from extreme pressure and irrepressible fatigue, causing tension, stiffness and blockages in the body; therefore, their health is often threatened by increasing negative emotions.

The practice of Energy Bagua is to accumulate energy; the movements of circling are similar to the celestial movements of the Universe. Practicing Energy Bagua in depth can rapidly gather energy to improve health. In the repetitive circles of walking, the body and mind melt into Heaven and Earth, achieving a state of no fatigue, no stiffness, no worries, no sadness, no weight, no gains or losses. When walking in circles, everything becomes perfect. Naturally, you will learn to be tolerant and compassionate towards all things. You will follow the laws of Nature and gain self-liberation.

The natural process of menopause is characterized by the cessation of menstruation. However, the early stoppage of the menstrual cycle is unnatural and can be indicative of serious health problems. In this story, a woman struggled with abnormal menstrual cycles in her 30s, with her periods eventually being totally absent. Medical tests failed to identify the cause, and both TCM and Western medicine failed to improve her condition. Her physical and mental health deteriorated. Sher struggled with binge eating; for breakfast, she ate enough for seven or eight people, leading to a weight gain of 20 kilograms in three months. Enter the gift of Energy Bagua. Regular practice changed her health situation. Her food intake gradually returned to normal. Within just six months, her menstrual cycle resumed, and she dropped 10 kilograms. After a year, she had achieved a total weight loss of 20 kilograms, transforming from obese to healthy and regaining her confidence and happiness. Let’s listen to her story.

The Philosophy of Energy Bagua

I throw myself into walking in circles on the grass under the tree and feel the warmth of the sun kissing my face. My mind melts into all things through sunshine shining down on the Earth.

I have no pain, happiness, life or death. I melt into Nature, so I am everything. Mountains, rivers, plants and trees become alive, and we share the same happiness. I find my joy in the sweet birdsong, and the surging river sings the song of my life.

Yin and yang are important concepts in Bagua philosophy, yet they are the foundation of the origin, growth and destruction of all things in the Universe. The philosophy of yin and yang plays an essential part in human health, activities and other aspects. You will preserve your health more effectively once you understand yin and yang, how to attune your bodies to Nature, and how yin and yang ebb and flow.

Yin and yang contain Heaven and Earth, water and fire, day and night, cold and warm, big and small, fastness and slowness, movement and stillness, joy and sorrow, inside and outside, existence and non-existence, male and female, gain and loss, life and death, hardness and softness, lightness and heaviness, up and down, black and white, pureness and muddiness, unreal and real. Yin and yang contain each other; they are the unity of opposites, just like hate and love, negative and positive, short and tall, and defeat and victory.

How to learn Energy Bagua

After learning the basic movements, you can follow The Music of Practicing Energy Bagua guided by Grandmaster JinBodhi to practice Energy Bagua for one hour daily. You can also practice Energy Bagua Aerobics twice to warm-up before walking Energy Bagua for a better effect.
This book opens a direct path to health, happiness, success, and wisdom. Transcend time and space; be in harmony with Heaven, Earth and fellow human beings, and broaden your experience of life. How does everything in the Universe relate to our life and health? Can we change destiny? Grandmaster JinBodhi reveals the answers.
Senior teachers teach on-site in cities where there are Energy Bagua Wellness Centers. You can find the nearest wellness center in the link below for a consultation.