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Weight Loss

The natural process of menopause is characterized by the cessation of menstruation. However, the early stoppage of the menstrual cycle is unnatural and can be indicative of serious health problems. In this story, a woman struggled with abnormal menstrual cycles in her 30s, with her periods eventually being totally absent. Medical tests failed to identify the cause, and both TCM and Western medicine failed to improve her condition. Her physical and mental health deteriorated. Sher struggled with binge eating; for breakfast, she ate enough for seven or eight people, leading to a weight gain of 20 kilograms in three months. Enter the gift of Energy Bagua. Regular practice changed her health situation. Her food intake gradually returned to normal. Within just six months, her menstrual cycle resumed, and she dropped 10 kilograms. After a year, she had achieved a total weight loss of 20 kilograms, transforming from obese to healthy and regaining her confidence and happiness. Let’s listen to her story.