Zhu Yanmei | New York, USA

I’m Zhu Yanmei, and I’m from Bodhi Meditation New York Center. I am 48 years old this year (2022).

In 2019, my period stopped, so I went to see a doctor. After the examination, the doctor suggested menstrual-inducing medication to keep my period going. Because I had taken such medication a long time ago, and it caused me to bleed excessively, I did not follow the doctor’s advice.

Before I started practicing Energy Bagua, I had a problem with cold hands and feet. As I work in the service industry, I often shake hands with customers. Every time I shook hands, I was embarrassed because my hands were always cold. After shaking my hand, people would ask, “Why are your hands so cold?” and I had to make excuses and say, “Because I just washed my hands.”

In September 2020, I was lucky to join the Energy Bagua class. I was very serious during the lessons. On the third day, I was surprised to find that my period, which hadn’t come for over a year, had arrived! It was incredible and I was very happy. Since then, except for days with seriously harsh weather, I practice Energy Bagua almost every day. Since I started practicing, I haven’t missed one period.

A few months later, while shopping with a friend, she suddenly grabbed my hand and said, “Why are your hands so warm?” We were in an air-conditioned supermarket and her hands were very cold. It was then that I realized that my cold hands and feet problem had disappeared, and my body had become warm.

Before practicing, my weight was as high as 177 pounds (about 80.3 kilograms); after practicing for over a year, my weight dropped from 177 to 156 pounds; that was a loss of 21 pounds (about 9.5 kilograms). I am really happy! Energy Bagua has given me not only health, but also a beautiful figure. I have nothing but gratitude for Grandmaster JinBodhi!

(Note: Results of practicing Energy Bagua vary person to person.)