Zhou Caixia | Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

My name is Zhou Caixia. I’m 65 years old. I’ve had high blood pressure since I was 29 years old. My systolic blood pressure was 180-200 mm Hg. The doctor told me to be careful, that I might have a stroke, and my blood vessel could rupture. I was terrified. Despite taking medication, my blood pressure remained high.

When I reached 35, I got diabetes too. My fasting blood sugar level was 16-18 mmol/L, which is very high. The doctor said I needed insulin injections. If not, I might have a stroke, paralyzed hands, or even amputations in my arms and legs. I was shocked upon hearing this. The doctor suggested injections and oral medications. I took one blood pressure (lowering) pill twice a day, and two blood sugar (lowering) pills three times a day. I also took two insulin injections a day. It’s been 20 years, and my belly is full of bruises.

These insulin injections also affected my diet. Five meals a day wasn’t enough for me. Sometimes when I got hungry at night, I’d look for something to eat again. My weight increased from 75 kg to 80 kg. I couldn’t even think of how obese I was. I was afraid to look at myself. The doctor said it was too dangerous and I shouldn’t eat like this. 

I also had migraines, tinnitus, and Ménière’s disease for 7-8 years. Due to tinnitus, I couldn’t hear anything from others. The migraines were unbearable that I’d pull my hair and bang my head against the wall. In addition, due to Ménière’s disease, I experienced vertigo. It seemed like everything was spinning to me.

I began practicing Energy Bagua in 2017. After practicing for 3 months, my migraines, tinnitus, and Ménière’s disease all disappeared. After 3 months of Energy Bagua, my blood sugar level gradually decreased, and I no longer needed insulin injections. I reduced my daily medication intake, from 6 pills to 2 pills. My blood sugar level decreased to 5-6 mmol/L. It has become normal. Before, I ate 5 or 6 meals a day, but now I only eat 3 meals, and sometimes 2. I don’t feel very hungry anymore. I’m really happy, because I’m no longer overweight. My weight decreased from 80 kg to 72 kg. 

Since I first started taking medication, my (systolic) blood pressure was 180 mm Hg. Now that I practice Energy Bagua every day, I’ve stopped taking medication. My doctor said, “You don’t need medication anymore because your blood pressure has dropped low.” “The systolic is only 110 mm Hg, and diastolic only 80 mm Hg.”

I’m already very happy to stop taking medications. Now I’m so happy and delighted that I’m crying. My cholesterol level used to be 8 mmol/L, but now it’s reduced to 3.8 mmol/L. My “3-highs” have all disappeared. My abdomen has always had bruises from insulin injections, which I thought would never go away. 

When I practice Energy Bagua each day, I pat my belly during the closing exercise, and now the bruises are all gone. My doctor was curious, so I told him about Energy Bagua. He encouraged me to introduce it to more people. Every day, when I meet other people with diabetes or high blood pressure, I’d suggest them practicing Energy Bagua with me together. 

I’m so grateful to Grandmaster JinBodhi. I am reborn. I love you very much, Grandmaster. Really, “Practice Energy Bagua daily, and live to 99.” I’m elderly, but I don’t need others to take care of me. Grandmaster, you are amazing. I am so happy.

(Note: The effect of practicing Energy Bagua varies from person to person.)