Chris | Vancouver, Canada

Losing 23 Pounds in 6 Months

I’m Chris, and I’m from Vancouver. I got to know Energy Bagua when I brought my wife to join the group practice. I was overweight at that time, about 86 kilograms (190 pounds). After practicing for 90 minutes a day for six weeks, I managed to shake off 10 kilograms (23 pounds). I used to be a taekwondo coach but being overweight had been preventing me from performing some moves accurately. After losing weight, I was able to perform those moves easily. I can say that practicing Energy Bagua is a good way to lose weight.

Allergy to Pollen Healed

I started to develop an allergy to pollen after being in Vancouver for a year. I started practicing Energy Bagua on November 28th. I used to take my anti-allergy medicine in the spring to prevent my pollen allergy; otherwise, my eyes would turn red, which made me feel uncomfortable, and I could not breathe smoothly. Surprisingly, my allergy problems did not occur during the next spring, and I was able to put my anti-allergy medicine aside.

Old Injury in Right Shoulder Healed

I had some old injuries, too. I once dislocated my arm two or three times when I was competing in taekwondo; since then, my right shoulder had not been feeling right. It felt like something was stuck in it, such that I could not lift my right arm high. Then, another miracle happened after I practiced for 3 or 4 months. One day, I was reaching my back with my right arm without me realizing. When I realized it, I was so surprised because my right arm could not reach my back before. That was when I knew that the injury in my right shoulder had been fully healed. It’s truly a miracle because this old injury had troubled me for quite some time.

Knee Ligament Injury Healed

I also had a serious knee injury; the cruciate ligament in the back of my knee was damaged. I had surgery, but the result was not very good. Whenever the weather changed, my knee would be very painful. When I was teaching, I could not squat too low, and I could not exert too much force when doing front kicks; that would hurt my knee. Now I can squat and do my front kicks just fine, and I feel no pain at all. I am grateful to Grandmaster JinBodhi for teaching me Energy Bagua, which has helped me recover my health!

(Note: The effects of Energy Bagua vary from person to person.)