Witness Collection of Mok-dong Energy Bagua Practice Site in Seoul, South Korea

At the Mok-dong Energy Bagua Practice Site in Seoul, South Korea, a group of people practice Energy Bagua at 6:00 every morning. Let’s see what changes they have made before and after practicing Energy Bagua.

[Before Practice]

Guangzuo Jin: I have liver cirrhosis. The doctor said it is difficult to recover from.
Renzhi Zheng: My large intestine keeps growing polyps, and I also have pancreatitis. The doctor suggested having a comprehensive gastrointestinal examination and told me I would only live for another one to two years.
Benqing Ju: I have a serious arrhythmia and feel my body is getting worse. I tried all kinds of treatments, but they were ineffective.

Energy Bagua is their light of hope. Discovering Energy Bagua reversed their poor health and made them return to normal life.

[After Practice]

Guangzuo Jin: In early April, I went for a re-examination and found my liver function had returned to normal.
Benqing Ju: I am sincerely grateful for Energy Bagua. It solved my crisis of being paralyzed in bed.
Renzhi Zheng: I didn’t do any sports except Energy Bagua. Now, there are no more polyps growing in my large intestine. Because my heart is full of gratitude, I cast an admiring look at the tree every day when I practice Energy Bagua.

Here are their experiences of health recovery:

Guangzuo Jin:

Hello everyone. My name is Guangzuo Jin. I’ve been a businessman in the clothing industry, exporting clothes to China and Japan. I also ran a sauna room in Gangnam.

My company collapsed 10 years ago, which gave me a heart attack. I took medicine to cure my heart problem after that, but the side effect of that medicine gave me fatty liver, which changed to liver cirrhosis. The doctor said liver cirrhosis was difficult to cure, but it wasn’t so severe that I must take medicine. He let me do another test after 3 months. 

In August 2019, I began to practice Energy Bagua. Since I began to practice Energy Bagua, I have gone to the hospital for a physical examination every 3 months. Each examination showed that my liver cirrhosis hadn’t deteriorated further. In early April this year, I went for another examination as usual. Unexpectedly, the doctor said my liver index had returned to normal. I originally expected that my liver hadn’t gotten worse. It was a big surprise to find that my liver was back to normal.

With aging, the length of my stride had reduced a lot. After practicing Energy Bagua for 3 months, the length of my stride was like it was when I was young. I have strength in my legs. I used to walk around the park in the morning with a group of people. I used to be the slowest walker. But after practicing Energy Bagua, I lead the group. I can walk fast and without fatigue. I feel younger every day.

I’ve tried all kinds of sports and nothing is better than Energy Bagua. I am really grateful to Grandmaster JinBodhi for teaching us such a good skill. It helped me regain health. Thank you very much.


Benqing Ju:

My name is Benqing Ju and I’m a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner. I was in poor health and the most serious issue was arrhythmia. Sometimes my heart beat very fast. I often heard the beating sound of the blood vessels in my head. It was like knocking at the door. It stopped me from sleeping.

Because I am a TCM practitioner, I prescribed myself a lot of pills. I also had acupuncture therapy and other treatments, but they had no significant results. I wish I hadn’t learned medicine because I could feel clearly that my illness was worse every day. I was worried that one day, I’d be paralyzed by a stroke. I was worried and depressed. I became sensitive, unmotivated, and frustrated. Finally, I shut down my clinic because of health issues.

In 2019, I started practicing Energy Bagua. I sweated a lot when I started practicing. I practiced with difficulty because my body was stiff. But I did lose weight, which was a surprise. I’m 1.67 meters tall and weighed 79 kg, so I was overweight. But now I’m down to 72 kg after practicing Energy Bagua. After 3 months of practice, my arrhythmia and the problems of my beating blood vessels began to improve. After 6 months, all these problems were gone.

If I hadn’t learned Energy Bagua, I would’ve probably been lying in bed after a stroke.

In the past, I saw practicing medicine as a profession, not a mission, because of my illness and because I needed money. Now I try my best to help more patients reduce their pain and bring them more happiness. That’s the change I’m most grateful for. Thank you, Grandmaster JinBodhi!


Renzhi Zheng:

Hello. I’m Renzhi Zheng, a practitioner from the Energy Bagua Meditation Center in Mok-dong. I served as the Commissioner General of the Korean National Police Agency for five terms. I drank and smoked a lot at work and had serious health problems. In the routine physical exam for civil servants every 2 years, every time I had a colonoscopy, two to three colon polyps were found. Each time they were found, I underwent surgery to remove them.

Because of that, I had a complete checkup after I retired. The doctor said I had pancreatitis. Fortunately, it was not so serious that it required surgery. But the side effects of the medication caused joint pain all over my body. I couldn’t raise my arms, and my knees hurt. I also had osteoporosis caused by the side effects of drugs. It was hard for me to sit down or stand up. I wanted to use my hands to help me stand up, but my wrists hurt.

I’ve been practicing Energy Bagua for 2 years and 6 months. Energy Bagua has been my only exercise. My joint pain has all gone since practicing Energy Bagua. Besides, this year’s physical exam showed that my colon was very clean, without any polyps.

I am very grateful to know such a valuable skill. Many thanks to Grandmaster JinBodhi. I have a sincere desire to continue my practice after my retirement. I wish to return my positive energy from practice to others. Like Grandmaster JinBodhi, I’d like to help more people. Thank you, Grandmaster!


Xie Shen:

From the beginning, Energy Bagua incredibly affected me. I soon felt the infinite charm of Energy Bagua. 

I ran a small business after I retired. I had to deal with many things, so I was tired. But after practicing Energy Bagua in August 2019, my energy replenishes quickly. Another good thing about practicing Energy Bagua is that I have become composed. I don’t get angry these days. Before I meet someone, I’ll practice 20 to 30 minutes of Energy Bagua, and then I can treat them with compassion naturally.

It is my great happiness to learn Energy Bagua. Thank you very much, Grandmaster JinBodhi.


Question: Can you wear just a shirt to practice Energy Bagua in winter?

Honggen Shen: Yes. As long as there is no strong wind in winter, I’ll get hot and sweaty when I practice, and have to take off my jacket and wear just a shirt.

My name is Honggen Shen, and I am a TCM practitioner. I’ve been practicing Energy Bagua for 10 months. After 7 months of practicing Energy Bagua, I started to see some changes. First, my back slowly became warmer and spread to the lower abdomen and chest. The warmth will stay until the completion of the practice. That’s why I have to wear a shirt.

The biggest effect of practicing Energy Bagua is to be 4 to 5 years younger. It’s rejuvenation. And I can do anything without getting tired. Once, I experimented on myself on purpose. It was a long way for me to walk. Most people can finish one part of the Jeju coastal trail in one day, about 16 kilometers, but it’s very exhausting. But I finished three parts of that trail within one day, about 53 kilometers, equal to 67,000 steps and didn’t feel as tired that night as I expected. I got up the next day and could walk another 53 kilometers. It means my fatigue was relieved, and my strength recovered quickly. Next, I want to challenge myself to walk 100,000 steps (about 79 kilometers) daily.


Question: How old are you now?

Honggen Shen: I’m over 60 years old. But I don’t think I’m that old because I’m still energetic. To have a better life in the future, I must practice Energy Bagua. Thank you, Grandmaster JinBodhi. Thank you very much for teaching me Energy Bagua. I will practice hard and cherish this precious opportunity. Thank you very much.


Xianyuan Shen:

My name is Xianyuan Shen, and I’m 76 years old. After retirement, I became paunchier every day. I became lazy, and I had shoulder pain and hand numbness. I wanted to sit on the ground like this because my legs were weak. Just sit down like this. Then there was a magical change in me.


Question: What is your greatest recovery?

Xianyuan Shen: I felt my feet warm, and my blood circulated smoothly. My shoulder and knee pain also improved a lot. I couldn’t jump like this before.


Question: You’ve only practiced for about 50 days, right?

Xianyuan Shen: Yes, 52 days. I’ll keep practicing Energy Bagua until I can’t do it anymore. Although I have only seen Grandmaster JinBodhi on YouTube, I am genuinely grateful because he helps me practice happily every day.


(Note: The effect of practicing Energy Bagua varies from person to person.)