Zhou Ruoyin, Taiwan

Weight Lost

As a child, I suffered from obesity-related problems. My mother passed away when I was very young. I had no feminine nurturing influence with regard to my appearance. All through school, I lacked confidence in my looks.

Inferiority Complex

During middle school my weight exceeded 61 kilograms, and I was often ridiculed. After high school I began to take weight-loss pills. The pills were effective at first and I shed some weight. However, whenever I stopped taking them, I gained the weight back. After a while I decided to stop taking the pills as I knew they were unhealthy.

The pain of being overweight followed me into the workplace. My supervisor treated me differently from colleagues who were slimmer. He would imply that being fat is due to laziness and that overweight people are less productive. My colleagues and even friends occasionally poked fun at my figure. My inferiority complex worsened.

I gave birth at the age of 37 and my weight shot up to 76 kilograms. I tried losing weight through exercising, taking diet pills, and seeking help from doctors but to no avail. In 2013 my weight went up to 83 kilograms.

Rewards of Responsibility

In 2014 a friend living in Taipei mailed me a copy of Meditation & Health magazine. I was not interested and just browsed a few pages. Months later, I received a new issue. This time I read the entire magazine, particularly excited by the meditation journals. In March I visited Chiayi Bodhi Meditation Center and began my Energy Bagua journey.

In December 2014, for various reasons, I stopped Energy Bagua. Three months later I decided to practice in my yard. Subsequently, an Energy Bagua practice point near my home was set up and more practitioners started to join in. I began to lead them on a daily basis. With a sense of responsibility as a leader, I’ve persisted in walking Energy Bagua to this day.

Every morning between 5:30 and 7:30 a.m. I practice Energy Bagua in the park. This routine has become a cherished part of my life. The effect of Energy Bagua in terms of weight loss has been slower than that of diet pills, but my weight has gradually reduced. It is now maintained at 70 kilograms, much lighter than even before I gave birth. I am experiencing a newfound confidence and positive mindset.

Stepping Forward With Courage

When I listen to Master JinBodhi’s teachings, I am deeply moved by his broadmindedness, his compassion, and his dedication to helping others. In the past, my inferiority complex often prevented me from stepping forward to offer assistance. Now I want to put what I’ve learned about compassion into practice in my daily life. I want to share the joy that I have gained through meditation, and with greater courage and confidence, reach out my helping hand.

The intent of the testimonial is to offer wellness information of a general nature. Individual results of practice may vary.