Paul, Los Angeles, USA


Energy Bagua,Weight Loss

I am a high school teacher responsible for teaching biology and geography. I must always pay close attention to my students’ progress and take care of many things, many troubles annoy me and make me stressed. Whenever I am stressed, my heart rate fluctuates.

I grew up in the highlands. In 2000, I moved to Los Angeles and the change in altitude caused negative pressure in my ears, which weakened my hearing. Sometimes I couldn’t clearly hear the students in the classroom.

Later, on the recommendation of my wife, I started to practice Energy Bagua. In April 2017, I participated in the 7-Day Energy Bagua Basic Training Class for the first time. In the beginning, I had difficulty concentrating and was tired, but after two days I could do it easily and naturally. The more practice I did, the more I could relax and focus on visualization. Also, I was energetic. After practicing for a few weeks, I found that the “burden” in my heart had lessened. I was calmer, my heart rate remained stable when I encountered problems, and I was no longer nervous.

After about three months of practicing Energy Bagua, my hearing improved. When teaching my class, I could hear the students’ questions clearly. Moreover, I could answer and help them in a calm, relaxed manner. Also, after practicing Energy Bagua, I went from 205 pounds to 185 pounds. I lost 20 pounds and am so happy!

Energy Bagua is a particularly beneficial exercise. Now, if I am not too busy at work, I practice Energy Bagua. I highly recommend everyone try Energy Bagua and see the benefits for themselves.

The intent of the testimonial is to offer wellness information of a general nature. Individual results of practice may vary.