Meizhen Long | Penang, Malaysia

Knee Pain, Low Back Pain and Obesity Had Troubled Me For A Long Time

My name is Meizhen Long, and I’m 67 years old. Before practicing Energy Bagua, I had been tortured by knee and lower back pain. The lower back pain came on suddenly. I didn’t want to force my family and friends to take care of me, but I needed my husband to massage me every night before falling asleep. I thought there was a bone spur on my lumbar spine. But after having an examination in the hospital, the doctor said the X-ray showed my lumbar spine was healthy. Since I was troubled by the pain, I reduced my life activities to almost zero. I only ate, slept and watched TV at home. Due to the lack of exercise, my weight increased. I broke all four lounge chairs in my home because of my weight.

My Lower Back and Knee Pain Disappeared After 1 Year of Practicing Energy Bagua

Before practicing Energy Bagua, I had to go down the stairs backward. I had gone down the stairs like that for 5 years because of my knee pain. But after 1 year of practice, my legs became stronger and my lower back did not hurt. I can easily go up and down the stairs and walk faster when shopping. I’m really happy that I no longer need to sit down and rest. In addition, my husband doesn’t need to massage my back every night, which also makes him happy.

I Got Rid of Whooping Cough After 1 Year of Practicing Energy Bagua

Previously, I got whooping cough for 5 consecutive years. Every year in December, I began to cough, which was very painful. I had to beat my chest to relieve the pain, and sometimes I coughed up mucus. I went to see a doctor who prescribed cough medicine, but it was not helpful. Miraculously, after I started to practice, whooping cough disappeared. I originally thought the next whooping cough might be coming, but it didn’t. Until now, I have not gotten whooping cough.

I Lost 12 kg After 5 Years of Practice

Another great thing is that I lost 12 kg after 5 years of practice, which makes me very happy. Energy Bagua is the only sport I am passionate about now. Thank you very much, Grandmaster. I love Energy Bagua.

(Note: The effect of practicing Energy Bagua varies from person to person.)