Zhongming Su | Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I Had Been Troubled by Diabetes and Cholesterol For Years

In 2008, I was diagnosed with diabetes and high cholesterol. My blood glucose index was 14.4 mmol/L (Note: the standard value of fasting blood glucose is 3.9 mmol/L – 6.1 mmol/L), and my cholesterol index was 8 mmol/L (Note: the standard value of total cholesterol in adults is 2.84 – 5.68 mmol/L). I took medication according to the doctor’s instructions, but didn’t change my lifestyle. I still smoked and drank every day. I often drank until midnight.

One day in June 2015, I suddenly felt tightness in my chest. It was hard to breathe and my whole body broke into a cold sweat. I was rushed to the hospital where doctors found two blocked arteries in my heart, so they opened them. I stayed in the hospital for a week. On the day that I was about to leave the hospital, I suddenly fainted. When I came to, the doctor told me my heart was beating very fast, about 400 times per minute (Note: the standard heartbeat is usually 60 to 90 times per minute). The doctor shocked me nine times before I came to.

In fact, another artery in my heart was not open. The doctor said it was caused by too much smoking. Therefore, the doctor implanted a pacemaker. If my heart beat abnormally, it would automatically produce an electric shock to restore the heartbeat to normal. That night, I passed out again, and the doctor carried out 12 external electric shocks before I came to. When I was alert, I found my body full of tubes. At that time, I felt hopeless. I didn’t know whether I could get through it.

My Blood Glucose and Cholesterol Index Dropped to Normal After 1 Year of Practicing Energy Bagua

After 2 years of practicing Energy Bagua, I went to the doctor one day because my blood glucose was low. The doctor found my blood glucose secretion functioned normally after tests. I didn’t know that, so I was still taking insulin and hypoglycemic drugs, which caused my blood glucose index to be low. So, the doctor told me I didn’t need to take insulin anymore and asked me to stop taking glucose-lowering drugs. It has been 4 years and my blood glucose index remains between 5-6 mmol/L. After 2 years of practice, my cholesterol index dropped to 3.5-4 mmol/L, returning to normal.

Not only that, but my heart issues have improved greatly during my 6 years of practice. My heartbeat stays at 60-70 times per minute, so the pacemaker has never been activated. Another benefit is that after 3 months of practice, I quit my 30-year smoking and 20-year drinking addiction. My wife and children are most happy about this.

Along the way, I was moved by Grandmaster’s great compassionate vow, so I will always follow him. And I also made a vow: I hope to help Kepong Bodhi Meditation Center attract more people who are karmically connected with Energy Bagua. I wish for 1,000 people to practice here every day so everyone can be healthy and happy!

I Successfully Quit Smoking and Drinking After 3 Months of Practicing Energy Bagua

Zhongming Su’s Daughter: I’m really grateful to Grandmaster JinBodhi for giving me a very healthy and cheerful father and a Gonggong (Editor’s Note: that’s how Malaysian Chinese address grandfathers). Because he no longer smokes or drinks, he’s a good role model for my children.

(Note: The effect of practicing Energy Bagua varies from person to person.)