I have a disciple who is one of three thousand people worldwide to have achieved the level of an 8th dan black belt in taekwondo.

He once told me with excitement that he had walked one and a half hours of Energy Bagua every day for six weeks, and was delighted to have lost over twenty pounds! When he had gone to Korea to prepare for his 8th dan black-belt test, he trained three to four hours a day for three months, and only lost slightly over ten pounds during that time. He was amazed that although walking Energy Bagua is not nearly as strenuous as taekwondo training, it delivered a better result in weight loss.

He also shared that his wife used to have swollen knees and severe pain. Through her practice of Energy Bagua, the swelling disappeared and all the pain was gone. After practicing for a few years, she lost over twenty pounds and was full of energy!

Energy Bagua’s movements are gentle, yet they carry strength. These movements don’t burden the joints, but they can accelerate blood circulation and unblock stagnation in the meridians so energy can flow freely through those channels.

An old Chinese saying goes, “A hundred days of practice build a solid foundation.” If you can continually practice for a hundred and eight days, you will find that your legs are stronger and more flexible, and you’ll feel lighter while walking. More interestingly, if you used to stumble against table legs or kick up loose stones when walking, after practicing Energy Bagua, your feet will naturally avoid these hurdles and you will feel more energetic, as if you’ve become younger.

Energy Bagua can help improve your overall wellbeing.

Extracted from Energy Bagua – The Secret Code of Life, Chapter 3, by Grandmaster JinBodhi, 2020.


Energy Bagua – The Secret Code of Life (English): https://www.cibeiyin.com/en/v103006000002?___from_store=tw