Both men and women without enough energy may be more likely to suffer infertility.

I have a disciple whose daughter had been married for ten years without conceiving a child. She’d been afraid of the cold since childhood. She didn’t sweat; even in summer she wore thick socks and warm clothes, but even so, her hands and feet were as cold as ice. When she reached puberty, menstrual periods were torture, the intense pain unbearable.

Anxious to conceive, she consulted her doctor and after undergoing tests was told that her body’s poor condition was the cause of the infertility. Her doctor also said that fertility treatments would likely be unsuccessful.

Her mom had an opportunity to learn Energy Bagua and experienced the benefits of practice. She recommended it to her daughter and suggested that she walk one hundred and eight days of Energy Bagua as a way of improving her energy level. Her daughter followed this advice and in a few weeks her hands had warmed up. Moreover, she felt warm while walking Energy Bagua and even perspired! After one hundred and eight days of practice, she expelled a blood clot during her menstrual period and thereafter her period pain was gone.

She was encouraged by the positive changes in her body, so she stuck to her practice. Two years later, she became pregnant and gave birth to a 3.5-kilogram baby boy!

Extracted from Energy Bagua – The Secret Code of Life, Chapter 3, by Grandmaster JinBodhi, 2020.


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