In the beautiful Dongshi District of Taiwan lives a group of friends who love practicing Energy Bagua. Each practitioner has an interesting story about how they have benefited from this transformative walking meditation.

Let’s tune in to Luodong Forestry Culture Park and listen to these Energy Bagua enthusiasts share their experiences.

Energy Bagua, Our Choice for Health

Hello, everyone. This is Luodong Forestry Culture Park in Taiwan. Many people have attained good health from practicing Energy Bagua. Let’s listen as they share their stories.

(How long have you practiced?) Not even a month. I practice diligently. I used to have trouble sleeping; my sleep quality has improved. My hands were numb from working in a production line. Since I began practicing, the numbness has vanished.

(How long have you practiced?) For about 2-3 weeks. I attended the Energy Bagua Foundation Class; it immensely improved my practice. I suffered a dislocated left shoulder from a car accident. At Taipei Veterans General Hospital, a screw was implanted in my shoulder. When I turned over in bed during the night, I had to use my other arm as support. It was very painful. My condition is stable. I underwent joint replacement in my left leg. Every day around noon, my leg would feel like it had exploded. It bothered me a lot. Now I can jump, I can leap. I have become as light as a feather. I can jump with ease.

I started practicing Energy Bagua last November. Between practices, I went for rehabilitation therapies in Tainan. I had a stroke in my brain stem on May 18, 2015; my right leg and the right side of my body became stiff. I feel good after practicing Energy Bagua. I didn’t undergo REHA therapies this year. (Do you walk better?) Yes. I am more agile. Normally, stroke patients walk with a limp. But I don’t limp. People have said, “We can’t tell you have had a stroke from the way you walk.”

I hurt my tailbone in a fall when I was young. The after effects troubled me. When I was cooking, I would have to rest on a chair 2-3 times before I could finish the meal. When I began practicing Energy Bagua, my tailbone hurt even more. But after a month, the pain in my tailbone vanished. Now, my condition has further improved. Both my legs feel stronger when I walk. Before, when I needed to hang clothes in the sun on the top floor, I started at the first floor and had to rest at the second floor. Now I can walk to the top floor without resting. I am overjoyed. (Have you experienced anything else?) Energy Bagua has brought me physical, mental and spiritual happiness. No words can describe my joy.

Energy Bagua is the energy of life! Yay!

The intent of the testimonial is to offer wellness information of a general nature. Individual results of practice may vary.