The body is a very complex system. People encounter a variety of health problems. However, health problems cannot be completely resolved with medicine. Medications always have side effects.

Therefore, many doctors are open to introducing patients to natural methods, such as tai chi, jogging, or walking Energy Bagua, as well as promoting a healthy diet and lifestyle, to resist illnesses brought about by heredity and diet.

Grandmaster JinBodhi was the earliest beneficiary of Energy Bagua. The young Grandmaster JinBodhi had very poor health. Weak and thin, he took countless medications. By walking Energy Bagua, he became stronger and healthier.

Energy Bagua is a fitness method that balances movement and stillness. Its main action is “walking” slowly in circles. The movement is simple and effective.


First, Energy Bagua quickly replenishes energy.

All matter has energy. Your body has energy, but each person’s energy is different. Some people are chubby and have a ruddy complexion. They think they are healthy. In fact, they are not necessarily healthy. The ruddy face may be caused by stagnant circulation or even cancer. Some people get sick because they have no energy. For example, many women have cold hands and feet due to insufficient energy.The practice of Energy Bagua is a process of energy transformation, which continuously strengthens your body and enhances immunity. When you persevere in practicing continuously, you accumulate life energy. The transformation goes from a quantitative to a qualitative change in your life energy.


Second, Energy Bagua balances Yin and Yang forces.

Many diseases occur due to energy imbalances. For example, excessive Yin can lead to insomnia and chronic fatigue syndrome. If Yang is too strong, hair is coarse, and one is quick to anger and may be emotionally unstable.
When walking in circles practicing Energy Bagua, you’re automatically supplementing and balancing the energy inside and outside your body, automatically adjusting, filtering, balancing, and restoring order so that your body can return to a state of health.


Third, Energy Bagua brings purity and perseverance.

The eyes are the windows to the soul. When you practice Energy Bagua, you gaze past your hand and look at the tree. The process trains you to be serene and diligent. While walking the practice, you are focused; your body, language, and mind are all in a state of purity. Slowly, you collect your disordered thoughts and your consciousness becomes quiet and pure.

A pure spiritual mind is a healthy state, capable of detoxifying, filtering, and expelling impurities from your spirit and your life. Even impurities that have become complicated energy in the physical body will be purified, and order will be restored.

Therefore, by training yourself to be pure and diligent, you feel reborn, as order is restored physically and spiritually, and health is improved in body and mind.