Lu Minghua | Busan, Korea

My name is Lu Minghua, and I am from the South Korea Seomyeon Bodhi Meditation Center. Over the course of just a few years, I have experienced three major accidents that have deeply impacted my life.

It all started in November 2018, as I was making my way home from work. The rain was pouring down, making the streets slippery. In an unfortunate moment, I lost my footing and fell forward. The impact of the fall was absorbed by my right knee, which collided with a manhole cover, tearing my cruciate ligament. I was taken to the hospital, where they provided a plaster splint, some medication, and discharged me. Little did I know that this was just the beginning of a long and arduous journey.

A month later, I began to notice significant swelling in my knee, accompanied by excruciating pain. The pain was indescribable, almost unbearable. When I consulted with the doctor, I received devastating news: my knee would never fully recover. Desperate to find relief, I pleaded with the doctor, willing to try any means necessary, even if it meant resorting to toxic painkillers. The agony was simply too much to bear.

In November 2019, a second accident struck. While on a bus, it suddenly braked just before reaching the stop. In the panic that ensued, I reached out wildly to avoid falling, resulting in severe bruising and immobility in my wrist. Once again, my right knee’s cruciate ligament was torn, and my waist was injured as well. Walking became a painful ordeal, as if I were being pricked with needles from my waist down to my toes. The constant strain on my hand led to severe inflammation, diagnosed as tendonitis. The pain in my wrist was twenty times worse than the pain in my knee. It was so unbearable that I often found myself hiding under the covers, shedding countless tears.

Then, at the end of October 2021, the third accident occurred. I slipped on a rainy day and injured my left ankle. With my right knee already uncomfortable and my left foot now injured, I had to rely on crutches once again. On top of that, I had the responsibility of taking care of my elderly mother, pushing her wheelchair, which required the strength of my wrist. It was a heart-wrenching situation because I felt utterly helpless and deeply saddened.

However, in 2022, everything changed when I stumbled upon Grandmaster JinBodhi’s online “Mysterious Energy Bagua” YouTube class. A glimmer of hope began to emerge within me. I started practicing Energy Bagua with the aid of a crutch. After just a month, I started feeling a lightness in my legs. Three months later, my walking posture began to stabilize. Encouraged by my progress, I decided to take a leap of faith and started walking without the crutch. After five months, I gradually reduced the dosage of painkillers I needed to alleviate my suffering. The symptoms of limping while walking almost disappeared entirely.

Before I began practicing Energy Bagua, even the simplest movements like raising my thumb or flexing my wrist caused intense pain due to muscle strains. To mitigate the discomfort, I would wear a wrist guard during my practice sessions. But recently, I realized that I no longer needed it. It has been two months since I last required the wrist guard. Previously, the mere act of raising my hand would send waves of pain throughout my entire body, making it unbearable. Now, I can stretch and move my hand effortlessly, feeling a sense of relaxation that I had long forgotten.

Since the end of last year, I have been able to cook for my mother personally. The pain in my wrist gradually subsided without me even realizing it. No longer reliant on ready-made meals or the help of others, I am overjoyed to be able to provide nourishment for my mother myself. Additionally, I can now easily push my mother’s wheelchair, a task that once seemed impossible. I am filled with deep gratitude towards Grandmaster JinBodhi, and I want to express my love and appreciation to him.

(Note: Results of practicing Energy Bagua vary person to person.)