William | Toronto, Canada

My name is William. I am 78 years old. I am a professional dance teacher.

I had many health problems before I learned Bodhi Meditation. In 2015, due to my intense dancing schedule, my meniscus became severely worn. I tore the tendon on the left side of my right knee. I remember when I was walking one day, my knee suddenly felt so painful that I could not move after I returned home. It was very hard for me to squat, and my legs couldn’t bend.

The doctor diagnosed me with a professional injury from dance. Both Chinese and Western medicine were useless to me. I could only take painkillers to relieve the pain. The doctor suggested I should have surgery if I didn’t improve after 3 months. After that, I had to stop all the dance classes that I taught and rest at home.

I also had a slow heart rate [bradycardia], and my heartbeat even stopped sometimes. One day, I felt tired and dizzy and lost my appetite. I went to the hospital to have my heart checked. The doctor said my heartbeat was very irregular. My heart was beating only 38 times a minute, which was very dangerous. The doctor said there was no good treatment for me except rest.

When I was in my 60s, the sweat glands on my hands and feet closed; the glands couldn’t sweat, so my hands and feet were very dry. I did not see the doctor for help. I felt it was a common phenomenon for older people.

At the same time, I had suffered from gastritis since I was in my early 20s. My stomach ached often. I had stomach-acid issues while eating. I had to pay special attention to my diet because I couldn’t eat hard-to-digest food. This problem had been with me for decades.

I was tortured by these diseases all day long. It was really painful.

When I started to practice Energy Bagua, I practiced step by step with the pain. After seeing the students around me who had improved their health, I was encouraged. Half a year later, I suddenly found that my legs and knees were pain-free, and I could bend them. The soles of my feet became warm, as if I were walking on a warm floor. It is very comfortable.

My hands and feet became warm, and able to sweat. My sweat glands opened again, and I was very happy to find that my heartbeat was no longer irregular. My heartrate returned to normal, and there was no sudden stopping. I have no stomach pain or acid issues anymore. I can eat whatever I want. Although I am 78 years old now, I still have black hair all over my head.

Now I can run and dance freely and teach dance classes again. I also lead fellow practitioners of the dance team to perform well at various events held in Bodhi Halls. It brings joy and beauty to everyone, and I am very happy.

Energy Bagua has such good benefits. I insist on practicing it every day. Everyone says that Bodhi Energy Bagua reverses my aging. I am really grateful to Grandmaster JinBodhi. Thank you very much.

(Note: Results of practicing Energy Bagua vary person to person.)