Lee Jeomsook | Busan, Korea

I am Lee Jeom Sook from the Haeundae Meditation Center in Korea. I have been engaged in the trade since I turned 30. As a vegetable vendor, I frequently handle 20-kg shipments, usually packed in boxes. To transport my goods to the market, I need to load around a ton onto my truck. Upon reaching the market, I have to unpack and arrange the items for sale. It’s a challenging task that requires good health; even the fittest body would wear out from such strenuous work.

During my break time, even a day spent in bed fails to dispel my fatigue. Five years ago, I was diagnosed with lumbar spondylolisthesis. An X-ray revealed a forward displacement of about 2 centimeters in my lower back. If it slips any further, I will need a metal brace for support. The doctor advised me against lifting heavy objects, but to make a living, I had no choice. My backache was so severe in the mornings that I couldn’t even put on socks. There was excruciating pain in my left buttock, as if a bone were broken. Additionally, serving customers posed its own challenges. Dealing with picky customers caused me significant stress. When the pressure became too much, my head would involuntarily shake, resulting in tremors.

Desperate to improve my health, I tried various treatments including acupuncture, muscle therapy, and health supplements. Each round of medication cost me about 700,000 Won (roughly 500 USD), leaving me with minimal earnings. I even experimented with meridian massage, but these methods only provided temporary relief.

In March 2021, I began practicing Energy Bagua. After approximately three months, the sciatic pain disappeared, and my leg pain subsided. Most importantly, all physical discomfort vanished. Devoting an hour each day to Energy Bagua filled me with energy. It’s like inflating a balloon until it’s completely full. One day, a friend asked if I found my work tiring. I responded, “No,” leaving him puzzled. When he inquired why I wasn’t tired, I proudly explained that it was because I practiced Energy Bagua.

After a year of practicing Energy Bagua, the trembling in my head has significantly improved. It’s a noticeable change compared to before. Before practicing Energy Bagua, I even experienced urinary incontinence issues. I would leak urine when coughing, and my daughter had to buy me diapers. Surprisingly, my condition improved after practicing Energy Bagua, and I hardly need diapers anymore.

In the past, I struggled with astigmatism and needed glasses, which made subtitles appear blurry. However, after practicing Energy Bagua, my vision has improved, and I can see clearly without glasses. I have gained numerous benefits from this practice. Energy Bagua helps me continuously enhance myself. My mental state has improved, along with my mood. Previously, when customers complained about onion prices or expressed their annoyance, I would get angry and engage in arguments. But now, I respond differently. I would say, “You get what you pay for. The quality of the goods here is incomparable to the supermarket.” With a smile and a change of topic, I can brush off the issue. My attitude has become remarkably positive.

The words of Grandmaster JinBodhi, encouraging me to continue practicing, assure me that the more I practice, the healthier I will become. I am immensely grateful and feel extremely fortunate. I express my deepest gratitude to Grandmaster JinBodhi.

(Note: Results of practicing Energy Bagua vary person to person.)