Jiang Liyun | Perak, Malaysia

Jiang Liyun: I was 56 in 2013. That’s when I realized I was not well. My stomach would bloat after meals. Once, I was watching TV, and it was showing an earthquake. That scene totally broke me. Since then, even small matters would make me nervous and scared. I couldn’t even handle when my family spoke loudly to me.

At night, it got even worse. Whenever I’m about to fall asleep, I’d have difficulty breathing and wake up. I’d stay awake all night. I felt exhausted. The Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) doctors said I had gut problems. He said it was my stomach ulcers which affected my other internal organs and my sleep quality. That’s how I got depression.

Since 2017, I started needing to go to the bathroom less than 10 minutes after my meals. I dropped from 74 kg to 54 kg. That’s a 20-kg weight loss. I was scared. The specialists said the same thing: stomach ulcers. I was on medication for 3 months, and it did nothing. I also got acid reflux from all my medications. I couldn’t take care of myself. I couldn’t walk on my own, my body felt weightless, I needed someone to hold and support me. I couldn’t bathe myself either. I couldn’t do any house chores.

Jiang Liyun’s husband: When my wife was diagnosed with depression, she really had us worried. I’d take her to work with me; we were afraid she’d do something stupid. We stayed by her side all the time.)

Jiang Liyun: I felt empty, and I had no confidence in myself. I felt like giving up. I felt tired; I wanted to die.

Then, I was watching a YouTube video about Energy Bagua, with a demonstration by Grandmaster JinBodhi. I tried it the next day; I practiced for an hour. After the practice, I was able to take a nap! I even snored. I haven’t had a nap for 10 years. After practicing for a week, I could sleep through the night. I’d go to bed at 10:30pm and would wake up around 5-6am. Then, it was time for Energy Bagua.

After I’d practiced for about 100 days, my sleeping patterns returned to normal and my acid reflux resolved too. I hadn’t had coffee for about 10 years; I’d almost forgotten how it tastes. I’m drinking coffee now, starting this year. I don’t feel scared easily anymore, thanks to Energy Bagua. Loud noises don’t make me depressed anymore. My depression is resolved, I’m healthy now. I can take care of my family now. Now I can prepare 3 meals for them every day. My weight has returned to 70 kg. Everything is great.

Depression is not scary. Come learn Energy Bagua, it will definitely help with depression. I’m in a new chapter of my life now, thanks to Energy Bagua. I’m so happy. I thank Grandmaster JinBodhi on behalf of my family. Thanks to Energy Bagua, my children have rediscovered the healthy mother they once knew.

(Note: Results of practicing Energy Bagua vary person to person.)