Son Myeongsuk | Busan, South Korea

I am Son Myeongsuk from Gyeongju-si, South Korea. From around 2014, 2015, when I was just sitting, I would feel a sharp, cutting pain from the left side of my neck all the way to my back, From my back, the pain would spread to the hips, left leg, and toes. It got more severe as time passed. Friends even asked me whether I had polio.

As my left leg was very weak, I fell down very often. I had a serious fall in November 2020. At the moment that I fell, I felt something go wrong; I had fractured my left hip. I did physiotherapy, but there was still a lot of pain and discomfort. I could not lift my left leg at all. I could only walk like this.

After undergoing a lot of tests at the hospital, the doctor told me that my neck was the cause. My spine had been impacted, and it led to the bones and nerves sticking together. This was the cause of the pain. But the doctor did not recommend surgery. I felt that the sky was falling on me. My brain was blank, and I cried for a long time after getting home.

I started practicing Energy Bagua in December 2021. It was very tough in the beginning. It felt like my back was going to break, and my legs hurt a lot. It felt like someone was strangling my neck. I could only step out with my right foot and drag my left foot along.

After about a month of practice, I happened to visit my friend. Every time I went to her house, I had to hold the wall to go up the stairs, but this time I could go up on my own. She was surprised and asked, “What happened? Your legs are much stronger.” Many people said that to me.

With my continued practice, my leg pain decreased from a 10 to 9, 8, then 7. Now the pain is only at level 3 or 4. (When did it go down to level 4?) About 3 months after I started practicing Energy Bagua. I could jump after about 5 to 6 months of practicing. I told my husband, “Hubby, look! I can jump!” He was afraid I might fall and asked me not to jump, but I jumped in circles around him instead.

Now I can lift my legs, which I never dreamed of before. I could only lift to this level in the past, but now I can lift much higher. Now I walk like a soldier, very rhythmic. When I’m tired, I do the closing exercise and practice Energy Bagua. I can turn my neck freely, and I can pick things up off the ground. I am truly grateful to Grandmaster JinBodhi. Thank you.

(Note: Results of practicing Energy Bagua vary person to person.)