Shi Yuzhu | Malacca, Malaysia

I am Shi Yuzhu from Malacca. I’m 60. I had suffered from lower-back pain since 2015. I used to throw my back out 4 or 5 times a year; I couldn’t stand up straight. I would bend like this due to my back pain.

While cooking, I’d support my body with one hand. Then I cooked using the other hand. If I wanted to sit down, I had to sit slowly because of the pain. To stand up, I had to use both hands to hold the back of the chair.

I felt pain all over my body; it was like insects biting me. Whenever I had lower-back pain, I had to see a doctor. The doctor prescribed muscle relaxants for me. Every day, I had to take 3 painkillers.

Last time, Master said some people’s bodies work like a weather forecast. My body was like this. When it rained, I had pain all over my body, especially my legs. It drove me crazy. I had to apply ointment on the painful areas and keep rubbing it until the soreness was gone. Then I felt more comfortable. I had to get a massage if the pain was not relieved.

After about 2 months of practicing Energy Bagua, I found that my body pain was gone and didn’t recur. I was very happy. There were many changes in my body. After that, my whole body was relaxed, and I became a brisk walker.

I used to weigh more than 80 kg. Now I’ve practiced Energy Bagua for more than a year; my weight has dropped to 76 kg. I’ve lost 7 kg. I used to wear size XXL. Now I can wear size L, so it’s easy for me to buy clothes.

Everyone praised me and asked why I seemed to be getting younger and how I was caring for my body. I told her [them] I practiced Energy Bagua. Even my husband said that I was becoming more and more beautiful, and my skin was smoother and younger.

Many thanks to Energy Bagua, taught by Grandmaster JinBodhi. It makes me healthy. Energy Bagua is my beauty routine.

(Note: Results of practicing Energy Bagua vary person to person.)