Taile Lyu | LA,USA

As a young person, I ate and drank all day because of work. I ate all sorts of exotic delicacies. As a result, I had high blood pressure, high blood sugar, and high cholesterol. My cholesterol once reached over 700 at its most severe.

At that time, my blood pressure was 170/120. It was crazy. My low blood pressure was others’ high blood pressure. In 1998, I found my blood pressure had increased. Then the doctor concluded that I had serious hypertension. So I took a large amount of medicine 2 or 3 times a day, but to little avail. I would faint, and sometimes shed tears for no reason.

My hometown is very cold in winter. Temperatures of -30 to -40 degrees Celsius are common. When I was a child, I usually wore thin clothes in that freezing environment. So I developed rheumatism in my legs. At night, I often had leg cramps and couldn’t sleep well. I also had difficulty walking because of a loss of flexibility. If the stairs are steep, and you’re not flexible, you will easily miss your step and fall. When I walked long distances, my legs were very painful. I had to take painkillers when the pain drove me crazy.

(Discovering Energy Bagua)

After I started practicing Energy Bagua, my blood pressure decreased, even before I’d taken any medicine. It happened after I’d practiced for 2 weeks. And then, after I’d practiced for 3 months, my blood pressure returned to normal. It is about 120/80 mmHg. I’ve pretty much stopped taking my medication. Sometimes when I am tired, I still need to take a pill. 

I had high blood lipids and cholesterol (index). My cholesterol indexed at over 700. My latest cholesterol test showed it’s now just over 200. Right, it’s 2-3 times lower. It’s awesome. My weight has dropped from over 200 pounds to 180 pounds. I lost 20 pounds in about 2-3 months.

Before, I felt numb on the right side, like I’d had a minor stroke. But now, I can walk freely, without any problems in my meridians. The stairs at my company are very steep. Before, I often missed my step when I went up the stairs. Now, I can run my way up freely. I don’t pant or get flushed.

Energy Bagua has brought many good changes to my body. I used to have a face that was black on both sides, as if I couldn’t clean it. I couldn’t clean it even if I used a facial cleanser. That was not addressing the root cause. It was because of the problem inside my body. I suppose so. But after a few months of me practicing Energy Bagua, my face doesn’t look so black now. You can see my face in that camera. It has become rosy.

(Friend Kety: Before, his hair was very hard. I joked with him and said, “If everyone had hair like yours, I would have to sharpen my scissors year-round. Otherwise, I might have to buy new scissors.” Now, his hair texture is soft, and his hair doesn’t stand up. It’s easy to cut because it’s so smooth. His communication style has changed a lot too.)

My friends and colleagues said, “You’ve changed a lot. What magic bullet have you taken?” Nothing. It’s just because of Energy Bagua. Practicing Energy Bagua is so magical. It can even cure diseases that doctors can’t.

Thank you, Grandmaster JinBodhi. Thanks for teaching us Energy Bagua, such a good method. Thank you, Grandmaster.

(Note: Results of practicing Energy Bagua vary person to person.)