Stella | Toronto,Canada

20 years of joint pain made it difficult to sleep and live with difficulty

Hello, my name is Stella. I am from Toronto. Over 20 years ago, I caught a cold during my postpartum confinement period. Since then, I have suffered from joint pain. Every night, the pain made it hard for me to fall asleep.

Walking up and down stairs was challenging. My steps were stiff and heavy. I could only walk slowly. Due to my stiff knee joints, once I stood up straight, I couldn’t squat; and, I couldn’t get up from a squatting position. When I had to clean the leaves in my front and back yards, every time after I finished, I had to rest for 2-3 weeks to recover.

Iron-deficiency anemia, can’t drive or go out alone; severe varicose veins, veins in both legs protruding and twisting

I couldn’t do household chores, as my hands were painful. I couldn’t lift the hairdryer or twist the towel. Getting dressed was my nightmare. I couldn’t even pull the zipper up. Any slight movement would cause pain.

Later, I was diagnosed with iron-deficiency anemia. The doctor advised me not to go out alone and not to drive, because it would be dangerous if I passed out suddenly.

I also had severe varicose veins. The veins in my legs looked entangled. They felt like worms curled up when I touched them. No words can describe my unbearable pain. The doctor said surgery was the only way if it got worse. My ailments had pushed me to the brink of collapse.

After practicing Energy Bagua for 108 days, the Joints are pain-free as well as move normally

Then in 2013, I was lucky to find out about Energy Bagua. I saw people circling a tree, and I joined them. After practicing for 2 weeks, my knees didn’t feel stiff anymore when I walked. After I completed 108 days of Energy Bagua, I didn’t feel any joint pain at all. I can squat with ease now. I no longer need to hold the handrail while going up and down stairs. I can do that easily.

Iron deficiency anemia improved and varicose veins disappeared

I can hold my arms up high, and I feel I have more strength now. I can blow-dry my hair and twist the towel with ease now. When I went for my health examination, I no longer had iron-deficiency anemia. That surprised my family doctor. The same goes for my varicose veins; the veins are gone, and I didn’t even notice. I don’t feel any discomfort now. My colleagues were surprised when they saw how much I had changed.

I am truly grateful to Grandmaster JinBodhi for teaching us Energy Bagua and for my transformation. I thank Grandmaster JinBodhi from the bottom of my heart.

(Note: Results of practicing Energy Bagua vary person to person.)