Ryu Eu Shung | Seoul, Korea


Hello, my name is Ryu Eu Shung. I just completed day 1,000 of Energy Bagua.

I have practiced boxing, Brazilian Jiujitsu, Muay Thai, wrestling, etc. In February 2019, during a sparring match, I was going to counter with left a kick when my opponent tried to bring me down. His whole body fell on my left foot. And then, it happened. My opponent, who was about 100 kg, fell on top of my left hip.

There are 4 stages for injuries to the hip joint. A stage-4 injury needs surgery. My injury was at the latter stage of stage 3, and the doctor told me to give up martial arts. For someone who competed a lot, that was heartbreaking. And then, my life took a big change.

(I always wished to have my own martial arts school after retirement. I had to give up my dream because of the unbearable pain.)

Painkillers became a necessity. I couldn’t even turn over, let alone workout. “Pain” wasn’t enough to describe my suffering. I needed help to stand up; and pain often woke me up. I felt awful. I often woke up because of the pain in my hip. Crossing the road became a problem; I had to cross before the traffic light changed. I couldn’t be too slow. Scary, right?

In my condition, I constantly asked myself what the purpose was of keeping myself alive. I thought of suicide, or giving up my leg. I had many negative thoughts. I asked myself what I did to deserve this injury and suffering. I complained every day.

I started practicing Energy Bagua on June 13, 2019. I tried for 20 minutes with the help of painkillers. I felt pain once the painkillers wore off. When my 108-day practice was about to end, I found that I could practice for 20 minutes without feeling pain. I was also without pain for longer periods of time each day. From day 200 onwards, I stopped taking painkillers. I couldn’t believe that I used to suffer so much.

As I approached day 700, I could turn just fine. Look, this was how I used to turn. I found out one day when I was practicing as usual. I was stunned. I used to skip patting my hip joint because of the pain, now I can pat it just fine. What a miracle. That surprised me. This is awesome. I am going to keep practicing. I am not afraid of crossing the road any more. I can even run to the other side.

Those who suffer like I did can’t squat. I did it, and burst into tears. And then I got back up and thought, “I can squat!” Not even a surgery could help you do this. And I did it without surgery.

People who suffer physically become hurt mentally. They become mentally weak. Thanks to Energy Bagua, not only am I physically healthy, I am also healed mentally. Look at how many days I have practiced; I have gone through 300, 400, 700 and 800 day practices. This has helped to opened my heart. Now I have learned to appreciate falling leaves, ants and all lives around me. I am grateful for where I am today.

Grandmaster JinBodhi is my biggest savior for teaching me Energy Bagua. No, he is more than a savior. I can’t thank him enough. I wouldn’t be walking normally now If it wasn’t for Energy Bagua. I am so grateful that I have decided to teach Energy Bagua to as many people as possible. For that, I am going to keep practicing.

(Note: Results of practicing Energy Bagua vary person to person.)