Liu Sezhen | Taichung, Taiwan

Is Surgery Necessary For Bone Spurs?

We run an orchard and a pottery workshop. There is a wall of in my workshop that is a colorful mural; I had to climb up and down to draw it. A couple days later, my knees swelled up. They were full of fluid. He [the doctor] pumped the water out and took an X-ray for me, which revealed that I had bone spurs. I underwent PRP and hyperplasia therapy, and I had a lot of injections in my knees, but to no avail.

Knee Spurs Yet Relief Under Various Treatments

Perhaps it was because of my perfectionistic personality at work, my health deteriorated to the point where I couldn’t support my own weight. One day, when I bent down to pull out some weeds, I heard a cracking sound. This happened a few times, so I went for an X-ray. The X-ray showed spondylolisthesis on my L4-L5 spinal segments. In addition, my vertebral arch was also fractured, restricting my right leg from extending.

Lumbar Spondylolisthesis Results Pain for 6 Months

I saw many doctors; they all suggested surgeries. I am really afraid of surgeries. I had to use crutches to go outside. I even couldn’t go to the market to get groceries. I couldn’t ride a motorcycle. I had no supporting strength, so sometimes I fell over. So for those 6 months, my husband did all the housework. He did all the laundry and so forth. He worried about my illnesses, and so did I. Because I used to be a very energetic person, I felt hopeless about myself after getting sick.

Enable to Walk After Practice Energy Bagua for 4 months

My husband first discovered Energy Bagua on Facebook in June 2019, through student testimonials and stories. The next day, we visited our local Bodhi Meditation center. I started to practice Energy Bagua at the Gaojian Energy Bagua Practice Point. After practicing for 4 months, I could finally walk again. So I practiced Bagua with all my willpower. Seeing me practicing, some said, “Why does that woman practice so weirdly?” They didn’t know my legs were in pain. Nevertheless, I kept practicing. I practiced every day, even though my legs hurt. Now, I can walk very easily.

Walk Normally Again and Enjoy Volunteering At School

I was a volunteer at school, and we often had meetings. But I couldn’t attend the meetings, because I couldn’t walk. I couldn’t even walk up the stairs. Later, I was able to show up at the meetings; everyone was so surprised that I had returned, and that I could walk again.

Move Freely Without Piercing Pain or Trouble

My knees hurt for long time. But now, after practicing Energy Bagua for 2 years, I can move freely without piercing pain or trouble. I couldn’t squat before, so I couldn’t use a squatting toilet. Now I can squat with no problems. I can use a squatting toilet now. It is no longer inconvenient to leave my house.

I got rid of lumbar spondylolisthesis after practicing Energy Bagua for 2 years. I don’t need crutches anymore. I can do all the housework myself. And I can do things that I love again.

(Note: Results of practicing Energy Bagua vary person to person.)