What is the best time to practice Energy Bagua? According to Grandmaster JinBodhi, the Chinese of the ancient world thought noon and midnight were the best times to practice meditation. For office workers who have fixed working hours, what is the most practical and beneficial time for Energy Bagua?

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(Hello, Master. In Energy Bagua: The Secret Code of Life, it is mentioned that Energy Bagua can be practiced anytime. You also said practicing in the morning is very good. When is the best time to practice? Is it morning, afternoon or night?)

This is an important question. The Chinese believe noon and midnight are the time slots that yield the best practice effects. Midnight is 11pm – 1am. Noon is 11am – 1pm. That is what ancient Chinese medical experts and philosophers found to be true.

Compared to the agricultural time period back then, we are in a modern period which is less labor-intensive. Your boss will have working-hour requirements. If you are not in the manufacturing line, you probably work from 8am to 6pm. Or it may be 9am to 7pm, roughly. If you wish to practice for an hour a day, then practice anytime, at your convenience. I hope you understand what I am trying to convey. I recommend morning practices for those who start work in the morning and finish in the evening.

There is a Chinese saying I like: Get up with the rooster’s crow. An alarm clock wakes people up forcefully, unlike the roosters’ crow, which sounds more natural. I practiced from a very young age and have a habit of rising early. I seldom wake up after 6am, no matter how late I go to bed. I usually wake up before 6am; it can be 3:30am, 4am or 5am. I have my practices to do after that, from exercises, martial arts and Energy Bagua to meditation. This is the way to have more energy.

After getting up, practice to warm up your body. It doesn’t need to be a complicated practice, if you can practice, warm up your body and sweat in the morning, you will feel energetic for the whole day. If practicing a slow exercise such as Energy Bagua can make you sweat, a round of it in the morning will fill you with energy all day.

Your brain will be oxygenated, making you smarter. Your colleagues will be sleepy in the afternoon, but not you. You will feel more creative and attractive. You will still feel fully charged in the evening. When you have energy, you have creativity and charm, and your luck will also improve. Rich, famous and influential people are born with plenty of energy. They have a strong voice, body and gaze. Those are signs of having an abundance of energy.

I recommend practicing Energy Bagua in the morning to store up vitality and energy for the whole day.