His bulging disc caused pain and numbness in his left leg. In an attempt to avoid surgery, he took up Energy Bagua. However, he was unable to practice for longer than 30 minutes due to excruciating pain. Should he continue to practice? What advice would Grandmaster JinBodhi give him?

What does it take to get rid of ailments accumulated over many years? Let’s listen to Grandmaster JinBodhi’s insights.


Your problem will likely be relieved, or even eliminated. This will correct your spine positioning.

Practicing Energy Bagua With a Bulging Disc

A practitioner said he had lumbar intervertebral disc protrusion; it caused pain and numbness in his left leg. The pain would increase after practicing 30 minutes of Energy Bagua. But he didn’t want to give up. So he didn’t know what to do. He asked, “Can I continue practicing?”

I think he can. We have had a few practitioners with spinal problems such as bone spurs and misalignment. Their spine came into contact with their nerves which caused pain and numbness in their legs. When practicing Energy Bagua, it is important to have correct postures. The requirements are pretty strict. Your spine must be straight. When we walk around with our legs in the right position, it puts our hips and spine in their rightful place. Slowly, your bones will be readjusted to their rightful places. Through a period of practicing, when the readjusting is done, your problem will be eased, or even fully gone. It takes time.

I don’t see how giving up helps; Western doctors and TCM doctors still have no convincing treatment for you. So, it is better to continue practicing. Add in prostrations for better results. 36 prostrations are OK. When prostrating, you need to position yourself in a straight line. When you lie on the ground, mark the spot you knock and the spot between your feet; draw a straight line between the 2 spots. This will correct your spine positioning. Many people’s neck pain is due to the habit of wryneck. After a long time, they will have neck-vertebrae hyperplasia.

Normally, each cervical vertebra bears a balanced pressure. Wryneck causes imbalanced pressure on each cervical vertebra; bone spurs will form on them. When cold wind gets in the gaps of neck vertebrae, it will cause rheumatism. Then you will have bone spurs plus rheumatism. The bone spurs shouldn’t be there, so they cause pain. You will feel uncomfortable when you turn your head or bend your back.

Practicing Energy Bagua and prostration are very effective ways of relieving hip and spinal pain.