Must we practice Energy Bagua in the morning? Practitioners really enjoy the Energy Bagua music; is it okay if they close their eyes while practicing? Why are people easily distracted while practicing Energy Bagua?

Regarding these three questions, what insight does Grandmaster JinBodhi offer? Let’s watch this video for helpful advice.


Q1: (Hello, Grandmaster. Is Energy Bagua to be practiced only in the morning?)

You can practice whenever it is convenient. There is no specific time to practice Energy Bagua. Our methods are divided into 2 types, static and dynamic. The dynamic methods are practiced in the morning. We need to move so that we don’t feel cold in the early morning. That is why Energy Bagua is recommended as a morning exercise. But you can practice it in the afternoon or at night. You can do it anytime. It doesn’t have to be mornings.

Q2: (Hello, Grandmaster. While practicing Energy Bagua, may I close my eyes and enjoy the Energy Bagua background music?)

No, don’t do that. First, it is not safe. What if you bump into walls or sharp edges? You could hurt yourself. Then there is another problem: You might doze off. With the soft background music, you could doze off while walking. What if you fall and hurt yourself? Don’t use your Energy Bagua time to sleep. You aren’t allowed to close your eyes while practicing. When do you close your eyes then? When you sleep, or when you are meditating. Again, don’t close your eyes when practicing Energy Bagua. No way would I say yes to that.

Q3: (Hello, Grandmaster. My mind wanders when practicing Energy Bagua. Why?)

What kind of question is this? You are practicing for health and your mind wanders off? Why? Because you don’t value this practice. To avoid this, kneel and vow to stay focused before starting. There, you should be able to stay focused. Also, you are not focusing on the instructions. There is no effort; your steps are wrong. Your nonchalance is disrespectful, and it is why your mind wanders off.

If that is how you do it, then why bother doing it? The only time people make an effort is when they are sick. You are the same. I know when you will put in effort: It is when the doctor says you need to. That is when you will get serious without being asked.