Tao permeates Energy Bagua, the Tao of yin and yang, of energy, of life, of compassion. When one practices Energy Bagua, one is relaxed and natural. One melts into Heaven, Earth and Nature, and loves everything that exists. Like some legendary self-cultivation practitioners in history, one absorbs energy from Heaven and Earth and takes in the pure essence of Nature. One’s body becomes as light as a bird. One respects the higher order and loves all lives, eventually becoming one with everything that is.

The purpose of Energy Bagua practice is neither aggression nor defense. Its practitioners cannot have harmful or defiant thoughts. It is for the preservation and sustainment of life energy.

We promote less conflict and harm in the world, and more health and longevity.

Extracted from Energy Bagua – The Secret Code of Life, Chapter 1, by Grandmaster JinBodhi, 2020.

Energy Bagua – The Secret Code of Life (English): https://www.puticollege.com/teaching-material/28