Mak Yeu Tzer, Malaysia

spine tightness

Gradually, my legs became stronger and I was able to walk with ease.
I enjoy the relaxed feeling of a good sweat from
walking Energy Bagua.

A car accident more than 20 years ago resulted in me suffering a fractured knee and a dislocated shoulder. After being discharged, I suffered post-trauma pain: My spine was tight and often aching; climbing a flight of stairs was strenuous work; my legs were weak; and my arms would ache with a numbing and tingling pain.

Overcoming Post-Accident Trauma

My poor health affected my life. My work and sleep were casualties of my condition. I tossed and turned in bed before finally dozing off. Getting only about four hours of rest nightly, my productivity and performance at work dropped. My temperament took a turn for the worse. I lost my patience and sharply reprimanded my children when they disobeyed. My relationship with my family became strained and tense.

My wife read in the newspaper about a 1000-Person Energy Bagua Event organized by Bodhi Meditation Center that was set to take place in April 2015. Excited to find out more, we signed up to attend. Following the event, we registered for a weekly Energy Bagua class held at Seremban.

In the early days of my practice, my arms were often tired and my legs hurt. After one month of diligence, the numbness in my arms had improved by 80 percent. Gradually, my legs became stronger and I was able to walk with ease. I enjoy the relaxed feeling of a good sweat from walking Energy Bagua.

Impressed by Energy Bagua’s positive effects on my health, my wife urged me to sign up for an 8.5-Day Health & Happiness Retreat. At that time, I was still bothered by a physical issue: My spine was as taut as stretched leather. The discomfort was causing me great frustration.

A few days into the retreat, my spine felt looser and more relaxed. My insomnia improved. I was able to get about seven hours of good rest compared to the four hours I used to get. The tingling ache in my arms and the weakness in my limbs continued to diminish. Overall, my condition improved substantially. Practicing The Meditation of Greater Illumination and listening to Master JinBodhi’s dharma teachings have softened my temperament. I refrained from getting upset with my children and instead encouraged them to face all difficulties with bravery and perseverance.

Family Members Benefit Too

My wife’s 20 years of gastritis and the discomfort that would keep her up all night became issues of the past after we had been practicing Energy Bagua for a month. She now sleeps well every night. After attending the 8.5-Day Health & Happiness Retreat, her whole being felt recharged and renewed. Her daily practice currently consists of The Meditation of Greater Illumination, The Meditation of Purity and full prostration. She feels tremendous mental calmness and physical energy.

My 76-year-old mother suffered from chronic knee-joint pain. She required a walking aid and was unable to climb stairs or walk a long distance. On the third day of the retreat, amazingly, she could climb the stairs leading to the Bodhi Meditation Center.

I’ve also noticed my three daughters became more mature and understanding: They started to help with housework, show gratitude to people for their help, and demonstrate academic improvements. They have been doing prostration every day since attending the 8.5-day retreat.

Giving Back

I distribute Meditation & Health magazine as a volunteer after the retreat. I always wish for every individual who picks up a copy of the magazine to benefit from Bodhi Meditation, to regain both health and happiness.

The intent of the testimonial is to offer wellness information of a general nature. Individual results of practice may vary.