Liu Junyi | Chiayi, Taiwan

Palmar hyperhidrosis and excessive body sweating due to post-operative effects

Hello, everybody! My name is Liu Junyi. I am 53 and from Chiayi, Taiwan. I suffered serious palmar hyperhidrosis since I was small. I remember it started when I was 7. I am 53 now. So it bothered me for 45 years. During the morning assembly, my hands were sweating like a faucet. As the sweat dripped down to my shadow, it was like my shadow would get drowned by the sweat. I knew that if my sweating problem couldn’t be resolved, it would cause problems to my career too.

The doctor told me the only way to deal with my sweaty hands was to use an electric burn procedure. It is done on the underarm to block sweat flowing to the hands, but sweat could come out of other areas. My hands are no longer sweating, but my chest sweats when I exercise. That is the aftereffect. Even when I got up in the morning, my blanket was wet. My wife had to change the sheets every 2 or 3 days.

Body sweating becomes dry after 100 days of practice Energy Bagua

After practicing Energy Bagua for a while, I firmly believe that it helps me to regain energy and health. Well, I still sweat while practicing, but it is at a normal level. You feel like there is a switch and you can turn it off. I don’t sweat profusely and uncontrollably like before. I asked my wife about my changes from practicing Energy Bagua. She said, “Oh! A lot!”

(Wife: Since he started practicing, after 2 100-day foundation courses, I realized that his pants were no longer as wet as before. Also, the bedding doesn’t feel uncomfortable. It is quite dry. Then he said, “Yes. It is.”)

Since doing this Energy Bagua study and practice, I have found: My formerly “incurable” problem was cured. I have no words to express my joy. Energy Bagua truly benefits me greatly.

(Note: Results of practicing Energy Bagua vary person to person.)