Im Jeongtaek | Busan, Korea

I’m Im Jeongtaek from Busan, Korea. Without Energy Bagua, I’d not be here today.

In July 2020, I experienced acute fatigue due to overworking. I thought that getting some sleep would help, but on my way home, I collapsed unexpectedly. After going to the hospital for a check-up, the doctor found nothing unusual. Then I started taking tonifying compounds such as red ginseng and deer antler, but my sleep time then began to decrease. A neurologist prescribed anti-anxiety and anti-depressants, as well as sleeping pills.

At first, I slept five hours with the help of sleeping pills, but over time, my sleep time continued to shrink, and I had to increase the dosage. When I reached the maximum dosage, I could only sleep for two to three hours a night. This situation lasted for several months, and it was as if my body was not mine anymore. Lack of sleep caused sunken eyes and a thin body.

In addition, I also had symptoms of a weak pulse. My chest was constantly pounding and my whole body trembled. I also felt cold in my ears, palms, knees, and feet, with other parts of my body experiencing fever. My fingertips were red hot, to the extent that I found it difficult to put my palms together for more than two minutes. Additionally, I had ulcers on most of my tongue, so I had a hard time eating and lost eight kilograms. Even walking was difficult, so I felt powerless and hopeless, often curled up in a corner feeling hopeless. It was also at that time that I started secretly hoarding sleeping pills because I just couldn’t bear it anymore.

I was lucky to come across Energy Bagua. March 12, 2021, marks the first day I started practicing. At that time, I wondered if I could complete a one-hour session because walking was difficult. Although I was worried, I persevered for one hour without stopping. After practicing continuously for 10 days, I slept an additional 30 minutes each night, and soundly, too. My sleep quality significantly improved, and I began to feel more energetic.

At that time, jumping was like a fairy tale, but after practicing for two months, I could jump while turning. After practicing for four months, I stopped taking sleeping pills and found that I could still sleep well for four or five hours (Note: Bodhi Meditation does not encourage medication reducing/discontinuing without medical approval). Previously, I was jealous of people who could nap, and I thought it was good enough if I could just doze for a while. But now, not only can I nap, but it doesn’t affect my sleep at night; I sleep soundly even if I have a nap in the afternoon. The symptoms of a weak pulse and the abnormal body temperature, such as localized fever and chills, have disappeared without my noticing, and even my tongue ulcers have healed.

Thanks to Energy Bagua, my health problems just vanished, as if they never existed. I’ve just witnessed a miracle, and I am so happy and blessed. I sincerely and respectfully thank Grandmaster JinBodhi for all of this.

(Note: Results of practicing Energy Bagua vary person to person.)