Pan Xiuling | Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

My name is Pan Xiuling, and I am 55 years old. In February 2012, the doctor diagnosed me with bone spurs on the fourth and fifth vertebrae of my lumbar spine, which caused soreness and pain in my lower body and lower back area. I couldn’t stand for more than five minutes or my whole body would become sore and numb. Also, I couldn’t walk for more than 10 minutes without needing to sit down.

In September, the doctor diagnosed me with more bone spurs in my cervical spine, which caused stiffness in my upper body, neck, and shoulders. The stiffness in my shoulders made it difficult for me to lift my arms, so simple tasks such as combing my hair and putting on clothes became difficult. I couldn’t even drive to work because I couldn’t turn my neck or move my shoulders, which would make driving dangerous. Every time I went to work, I took a taxi.

In addition, I also suffered from chest tightness due to my cervical bone spurs, and I had to breathe loudly and gasp for air to get relief. I often felt was as though I lacked oxygen when sleeping at night, which caused me to wake up frequently and made it difficult to fall back asleep. It also affected my swallowing, especially when eating rice. I had to pour a cup of water into the rice and eat it slowly, swallowing one bite at a time. Drinking water was also difficult, as I couldn’t take big gulps and had to drink slowly, sip by sip.

The bone spurs in my lumbar spine had tormented me for more than three years, and the cervical bone spurs had been there for two years. These two problems made it impossible for me to live a normal life. I felt as if I was living in hell although I wasn’t dead. I was still so young, yet I had to endure such pain. Sometimes, I would cry myself to sleep, and even lost the courage to live a good life.

In 2015, I was lucky to find Energy Bagua. After practicing for only two weeks, my body began to improve; my neck moved freely and easily, my sense of taste returned, and I could swallow easily.

After six months of practice, all the mentioned symptoms disappeared. My shoulders were no longer sore, I could lift my arms and move them freely, and I could even drive again. My chest no longer felt tight as if something was pressing on it, and I could sleep soundly through the night and turn over naturally. In short, everything returned to the healthy state it was before.

In addition, all the symptoms caused by the lumbar bone spurs vanished. I felt my body relaxing, and I could stand for two to three hours continuously, and walk lightly without any problems, even for long distances.

I have been practicing Energy Bagua for almost seven years now, and I continue my practice because it has been highly effective. I am grateful to Grandmaster JinBodhi for teaching me Energy Bagua and helping me rediscover my health and happiness.

(Note: Results of practicing Energy Bagua vary person to person.)