Lin Xiangdan | New York, USA

My name is Lin Xiangdan. I’ve always had trouble sleeping. I was a light sleeper. It was hard to fall asleep. When I did fall asleep, I woke up multiple times a night. It got worse in 2019. I had brain surgery which gave me side effects.

As I was drifting into sleep, I often had a feeling of falling. I’d be scared awake, and my whole body would jolt. These sensations made me nervous and overwhelmed. Also, I often went to bed feeling worried. I have four children, so it’s a lot of things to do. I was anxious about all kinds of things, major or minor. I had sleep starts for over two years.

Luckily, I discovered Energy Bagua last September. After taking the 7-day class, my sleep improved, and I fell in love with Energy Bagua. Before, I jerked awake maybe 4 – 6 times a week. It happened almost every day.

So I was always worried. After practicing Energy Bagua for 100 days, I no longer jolted awake. I also fell asleep much faster and didn’t constantly wake up. I can sleep until the morning.

Since I didn’t sleep well before, I was often in a bad mood. Especially when my children were fighting or refused to do their homework, I would yell at them. They were rather naughty and would argue back. I would yell at my husband, “Why don’t you care about this?” And we would argue as well.

Practicing Energy Bagua helped me calm down a lot. It lets my whole body relax. Now I’m not irritable when problems happen. I listened to a few of Grandmaster’s teachings and learned some methods to get along with my family and better educate my children. My children listen to me a lot more now. 

She’s more, calmer now. I don’t argue with her as often as I do anymore. Like I used to argue with her constantly, and then we’ve grown so much closer.

So I’ve changed. My family also changed with me. After I gave birth to my children, I developed urinary incontinence and couldn’t hold my urine. After practicing Energy Bagua for 8 months, I just so happened to sneeze and then I thought, “Why didn’t I leak urine this time (after sneezing)? Is it no longer an issue?”

After that, I don’t leak urine after sneezing. It solved my 8-year problem just like this! I am so happy. I am so grateful to Grandmaster for teaching us such a fantastic meditation method that allows us to be healthy and happy. It made my family happy too. Thank you so much, Grandmaster.

(Note: The effect of practicing Energy Bagua varies from person to person.)