Li Zhaoming| Los Angeles, USA

My name is Li Zhaoming, and I am from Los Angeles, USA. I had many health issues, like lower back pain and cervical spine issues.

My lumbar strain mainly restricts my movement to the right. It is also difficult for me to bend down. I had these issues for 7 – 8 years, over a decade up to now. It is painful and restricts my movements, so I went to see doctors for it. I had nerve block injections. The pain was slightly relieved after the injections, but I still can’t move or turn. My movement to the right was still restricted.

The lumbar strain also caused a slipped disc in my lower back. So sometimes, I would suddenly fall when washing my face. I lost all my strength and couldn’t carry anything heavy. Before, when I washed my face or brushed my teeth, I would suddenly fell to the floor and couldn’t get up. It was very severe.

My cervical spine issue started even earlier, maybe about 20 years ago. I had neck issues when I was young, and it caused skin numbness and muscle stiffness on the left shoulder. My left shoulder was always higher because of the tension. It is very uncomfortable.

I remember I started learning Energy Bagua in 2015. In the beginning, maybe within a week, I could turn to the right more than before. So I had confidence and continued practicing Energy Bagua.

Everything’s excellent now. I practice at Schabarum Park every morning. The first benefit was for the lumbar strain. I remember this clearly. It was after practicing for about 3 – 4 months. The cervical issue took a bit longer to get well, maybe about 1.5 – 2 years. My shoulder seemed to have dropped a bit, and the muscles were less tense. Gradually, it all got better.

Now, I can feel my skin. The muscles are not tight anymore. They are tender. Look at me now. I can turn to the right naturally to a great extent. Very easy. Look at my spine; it is straight. Before, it didn’t have any strength, and I was hunched. I have very high spirits. You can see my high energy level, very vigorous. So Energy Bagua is miraculous.

After walking Energy Bagua for some time, I had a surprising result — it gave me a beauty treatment. Before, I had a lot of age spots. Some age spots were very dark and raised on the skin, same for this side. Now the age spots here have almost all disappeared. Some age spots are very light. My forehead also shines brighter, unlike before, which was dark and dull. The age spots on my hands — take a look. Before, it covered the back of my hands. Now very light, almost gone. So, this is a bonus for me.

Energy Bagua is an excellent practice. I hope everyone can join me to practice Energy Bagua.

(Note: Results of practicing Energy Bagua vary person to person.)