Why does one of your hands feel hot and the other cold when you’re practicing Energy Bagua?

Whether you feel this sensation during Energy Bagua practice or in daily life, listen to Grandmaster JinBodhi’s explanation of this common phenomenon; you will find the reason and solution for it. Take steps to get both hands warm now.


(May you be blessed, Master. I have been practicing Energy Bagua for 6 months. Sometimes, one of my hands feels cold, while the other is hot. Why is this happening? How should I deal with it?)

One hand feels hot and the other cold while practicing Energy Bagua? Does her body have this symptom? Only her hands? This is not a big problem. In terms of physical structure, humans are the same. The difference is on the inside and the details. Everyone is very different. It could be your genes, health condition or your energy level. Currently, there are no instruments to measure human energy level.

What you are experiencing has never happened to me. Practicing meditation was the only way to keep me alive back then. Therefore, I didn’t care whether I felt cold or hot, whether my hands tingled or swelled, or whether my feet or legs hurt; I ignored all of that. Because I had to keep on practicing. Here is what I would like to tell you: Ignore these sensations.

Like when we are walking with right hand raised and left hand lowered, I may feel my lower hand colder and the upper hand warmer. That happens. But you are probably practicing improperly. Let’s see. This is your upper hand. If you are doing it right, your index finger should point to the sky, like this; you will feel this part of your muscle tense up. That is how energy manifests within you. When the energy is running smoothly, the raised hand will feel warm. When all your attention is focused on your raised hand, you forget about your lowered hand. As a result, you have relaxed your lowered hand. There is no strength supporting it.

My master taught me the “Cow Subduing Palm”. Just visualize you are subduing a cow with your lower hand. The cow is in a kneeling position and it is trying to stand up. You know how strong a cow is. An adult cow can weigh up to a ton. If you are going to subdue it, you must apply strength to support your lower hand. The raised hand is meant to hold and keep the sky in place. When you visualize this, your hands will warm up immediately. Don’t focus your intention only on the upper hand.

Remember the “Black Bear Palm” in our Energy Bagua practice? Both hands are pressing downward; when all energy flows to your hands, you won’t feel cold. No, they are warm. I suspect you were walking incorrectly. Or, your body contains too much yin energy. If so, I guess you seldom sweat when practicing Energy Bagua, no matter if it is summer or winter. I am going to ask those with common medical knowledge: Is this healthy? (No.) Generally, it is an unhealthy condition.

If you are experiencing this, you lack energy. If that is the case, you would still feel cold during the summer. You feel cold all the time. At night, you don’t sleep well. You also have bad moods, bad digestion, and are slightly depressed. (Yes.) These mental issues are due to a lack of energy.

Some people hardly sweat because they stay long hours in an air-conditioned environment. In warm countries, the air from air-conditioning is much colder than the outdoor temperature. They don’t know the harm of cold air, so they sleep or sit facing the source of cold air. Maybe they can’t move around much. As time goes by, the channels in their body will become blocked.

In some cases, when the main channels get blocked, they won’t sweat for the rest of their lives. As such, they enter a state of sickness. They experience neurasthenia, constant body aches, bad digestion, and they feel down all the time. It is like their IQ and EQ are not functioning well. These are all symptoms of blocked channels.

How to fix this? Practice Energy Bagua using the authentic method. After you practice for about a year, you should feel relief from the symptoms. You will be able to sweat normally because your energy channels are unblocked, and your acupoints are unblocked. You will be cured. People usually sweat when they exercise; it is normal. Something is not right if they don’t sweat.