The concept of coordination of body, speech and mind is important in Buddhist practices. In advanced Energy Bagua, one can achieve perfect coordination of form, power, mind, and qi. To gain the most benefit from practicing Energy Bagua, what sort of mentality, visualization and intention should we maintain?

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(Hello, Master. In Energy Bagua: The Secret Code of Life, it is said that the true master can perfectly coordinate form, power, mind and qi. How can one achieve that?)

You will get to that if you stop thinking too much. The more I explain, the more confused you will get. That is what I think. As long as you know the concept, it is good enough. In Buddhism and meditation, there is the concept of body, speech and mind becoming one, right? It is the perfect unification. This is not the highest level. One can be so advanced that he is in sync with his soul when he is just standing and doing nothing. His mind, body and soul have become one, and he doesn’t even realize it.

If you confronted a kung-fu master, you would be in great danger if you attacked him suddenly. If he weren’t holding himself back, he would just counterstrike instinctively; he would break your ribcage or damage your internal organs. It would be dangerous. These masters have practiced to the level at which they can knock you down without looking at you. And it hurts. If you met a higher-level master, he would know your attack was just a joke, so he wouldn’t strike back. He is able to feel. It is hard to say how good someone can be.

It is hard to put it in words; I won’t confuse you by going deep. Just keep on practicing for health and longevity, not for being powerful. We use the terminology of martial arts to make our teachings easy. We are not trying to kill anyone. While practicing Energy Bagua, we have no enemy. The world is beautiful. Everything in the world will help us. All sentient beings are our good friends, brothers and relatives.

We think differently from martial-arts practitioners. When we love the world, we are tuned in to auspiciousness and happiness. This is the state that heals your body and mind. Give it some time and the world’s energy will be drawn to you and benefit you.