When you are suffering from various health issues, you need something that really works: Energy Bagua.

How does Energy Bagua help? Nian-jin went from suffering insomnia and exhaustion to sleeping well and being energized, and from suffering migraines, anemia, eczema, hives, and angina to regaining health and happiness. She shared with us how wonderful it was for her to have found the perfect remedy for all her health issues.

If the wonder of Energy Bagua worked on Nian-jin, it will definitely work on you. We sincerely wish you lasting health and happiness.

Energy Bagua: The Wonder of Transforming Physical and Mental Health

I keep practicing because after my first Energy Bagua practice, I slept well that night and was able to get up early the next morning. I used to lack sleep and felt tired a lot. I would toss and turn all night. Since I felt a result, I decided to keep going.

Energy Bagua: The Wonder of Transforming Physical and Mental Health

Good day, everybody! I am Nian Jin. In 2016, a week prior to the Lunar New Year, I fainted 3 times after waking in the morning. I wondered why and knew it was serious, so I went for a checkup. My hemoglobin index was 7. The doctor said I should be in bed as I could faint anytime. I used to look weak, and my lips were pale. Severely anemic people often suffer migraines. I had had migraines since I was young. Not enough oxygen-rich blood was getting to the brain; the result was pain. But that is not happening now.

I also suffered chronic eczema and hives. In the past, when I talked to you, you would’ve seen me scratching and felt grossed out. I scratched whenever I was awake.

(Did you get tested to see if you are allergic to specific foods?)

Yes, I did. I couldn’t eat beef, pork, chicken, duck, shrimp, crab, bananas, amaranth, etc. These are all possible allergens. Life seemed meaningless if I couldn’t eat these foods. That was really frustrating.

Since I began practicing Energy Bagua, my hives have disappeared. I don’t need to scratch anymore. Even my eczema is almost completely healed. There used to be a visible mark left if I scratched my skin even lightly. That is a typical sign of having hives, but I am perfectly fine now.

I also had angina due to my poor health. It was a hereditary issue. The pain felt like your heart was being seized; I dared not breathe. It was so terribly painful. I feel pain from time to time now, but it lasts only a short while. Unlike before, when I would suffer the pain for 30 minutes.

Energy Bagua delivers significant and holistic results. I will remain devoted to regular practice.

The intent of the testimonial is to offer wellness information of a general nature. Individual results of practice may vary.