Numb palms? Full of energy? Why do you feel shocks when touching things?

She has practiced Energy Bagua for seven years. Oftentimes after a practice session, she is full of energy and feels numbness in her hands; then when she touches doorknobs or metal objects, she feels electric shocks.

Is this normal?

Let’s find out what Grandmaster JinBodhi has to say.


You feel a shock when you touch the door. Does the energy from practicing contain electricity? My arm was totally paralyzed; I couldn’t lift it.

Is feeling electricity in my hands normal?

(Hi, Grandmaster. When my hands feel numb and I am full of energy after practicing, I often feel shocks when I touch things. Is this normal?)

This is normal after practicing for 1-2 years. How long have you been practicing? (It is my 7th year.) 7, I see. (Yes, 7 years.) For one who has practiced for 7 years, this is normal. Your energy level is high. You feel a shock when you touch a door. I was like that too when I was young.

Does the energy from our cultivation contain electricity? Maybe. Is energy equal to electricity? Not quite. We don’t get electricity through practicing Energy Bagua, we get energy. It is just that the energy is, somehow, similar to electricity. When I was young, I remember touching my master’s hand. My arm was totally paralyzed; I couldn’t lift it. It seemed that he had a very strong electrical field. I couldn’t use my dharma abilities at all. So if you practice hard enough, you could develop an electrical field.

When I was young, my master would give me some used batteries. I could recharge the exhausted batteries using my palms; the batteries could last 2 hours after charging. I tried the same with my radio batteries. When the batteries died, I just held them in my palms; then the batteries could get my radio working again. So Energy Bagua and electricity are connected.