Psoriasis is currently one of the most difficult skin diseases to treat. In March 2015, psoriasis came into her life. The itchiness all over her body caused her exceptional suffering, and seriously affected her work and personal relationships.

In a state of desperation and helplessness, she fortunately encountered a method that allowed her to regain her health but also to experience the joy of helping others. Let’s watch her story together.

After Practicing Energy Bagua, Psoriasis Disappeared

In 2015, I lost my temper and went into a great rage. Less than 2 months later, rashes appeared on my body and developed into psoriasis.

It started on my forehead between my eyebrows. Then went to my ears, legs and gradually to my back and buttocks. It spread all over my body. As I scratched, the rashes grew red and became bigger. It was severe psoriasis. The pain lasted over 8 months. I was itchy all over. How could I work? I went to the doctor, but the medication didn’t help. So I rejected the medication.

I became more stressed. My skin was so itchy that it was like being bitten by bugs. The affected areas felt like they were smothered in salt. People didn’t dare get close to me. They were afraid of being infected. After 2 or 3 months, my sister, who wasn’t feeling well, came to stay with me. She brought along a Meditation & Health magazine. I read stories about people who recovered their health by walking around a tree. She suggested we give it a try.

We didn’t know what the walking was about, so we asked a dharma-sister and made the connection. I was very happy there. I continued practicing Energy Bagua. After half a year of practice, I started to perspire. Now 80-90% of my skin has healed. Only my back and buttocks have not healed. Energy Bagua has benefited me greatly.

Because of psoriasis, she practices Energy Bagua every day.

After one year of Energy Bagua practice, I have recovered my health. My husband, friends and relatives recommended Energy Bagua to their friends. We gather together there and chat. It is like a harmonious community.

I had been looking for a low impact physical activity for many years. Because of my age, my bones weren’t as good as younger people. They were sore. I like practicing Energy Bagua very much now. Many people say I look good and that I glow. Before, I was pale and puffy. Now, I am much lighter and slimmer.

I am very grateful. This illness had changed my life, my mentality, and everything about myself. My social circle expands now as I have made many Energy Bagua friends. Good things such as truth, kindness, and beauty arise from practice. Health and happiness can be “seen” on one’s face.

Thank you, Grandmaster JinBodhi.

The intent of the testimonial is to offer wellness information of a general nature. Individual results of practice may vary.