What is the root cause of osteoporosis, arthritis, hot-temperedness, dull eyes, pasty skin, dry hair, and lack of wisdom? What are the most effective methods of changing these conditions?Grandmaster JinBodi gives you the answers.


His condition reminds me of something I came across. We have heard people calling others “fragile.” Why? Because their bones shatter at the slightest touch. There is no good reason a young person’s bones are that soft. A young person’s bones shouldn’t be that soft. This isn’t a myth; it has a scientific explanation.

To me, fragile and porous bones are due to a severe lack of vital energy. Healthy and good vital energy will be replenished quickly. What happens after we have gathered enough energy? Initially, we gather the energy. After a certain point, the energy concentrates. This is pure vital energy that nourishes our body. The energy first enters and nourishes our bones. What do fragile and porous bones look like? Beehives, holes everywhere. There are many causes of fragile bones. It could be a lack of calcium or collagen. So they are prone to fracture.

Are you suffering from pain in your feet, back, or joints? You might be severely lacking vital energy. Some people think that big people with anger issues are full of energy, and they release the energy by getting angry. First of all, they overeat, which explains their size. Our bones are like steel beams in a building. Imagine if they are weak, fragile, and porous. Fragile bones are due to a lack of vital energy. Anger has nothing to do with vital energy.

Lacking vital energy could also lead to anger. There are 2 signs of this: unsociability and anger issues. These are signs of a lack of vital energy. There are other signs too: weary eyes and dull skin, a nose that doesn’t reflect light. A dull nose is a sign of a dull, dead heart, like a dry well or dead tree. Their hair is also dry and dull. Lack of vital energy affects our appearance and internal organs, and explains the uncontrolled anger. People with anger issues have dry, dull skin. Those who are well-mannered have radiant, healthy skin. They easily absorb nutrients from water.

There are also people who fail to absorb nutrients from the food they consume. As a result, their internal organs lack nourishment. This shows their lack of wisdom. When your wisdom level is stuck, nutrients can’t reach you. That is how the nutrients are wasted. That is caused by a lack of wisdom. Those with wisdom have healthy skin.

When I was young, I practiced Energy Bagua very hard, and it brought me back to life. If you are feeling pain in your bones and joints, then practice Energy Bagua. The steps and movements are simple. All you do daily is listen to the instructions and circle a tree. Try it, it is wonderful.